Chairs Missing Time

Tape Deck drummer Paul Remund comes out from behind the kit in his new band, Chairs Missing
  • Tape Deck drummer Paul Remund comes out from behind the kit in his new band, Chairs Missing

“As soon as we get home, it’s gonna be Chairs Missing time, and Tape Deck Mountain will be on a sort of hiatus,” writes TDM drummer Paul Remund in a January 29 email from the road. “I’m going to try and spend 2011 on Chairs Missing.”

Remund formed the reverb-heavy, ’60s-inspired psych-folk band a year ago while looking for a different creative outlet. “Because I don’t write the songs in Tape Deck Mountain, I needed to start a band where I could express myself.”

The first thing on the to-do list for Chairs Missing is to finish an EP they started recording last November with Brandon Jenson of American Sound Studios in Little Italy.

Despite being the second Chairs Missing release, Remund considers it their debut. “The first EP was, for the most part, written and recorded by myself,” writes Remund. “This new EP has all of us really playing our own parts and doing them, well, much better than I could do.”

Chairs Missing includes guitarist Riain Haggar, bassist Brandon Cardwell, and drummer Dave Meade. Remund tells me that they’ll be shooting a video for their song “To the Hills.” Tyson Wirtzfeld, local artist and a member of garage band Little Deadman, will direct the video that will be shot with a Super 8 camera.

In April, once the EP and video are finished, Chairs Missing will go on a West Coast tour in support of the as-of-yet-untitled record.

Despite the full schedule, Remund is confident that he can devote the time required for both bands. “So far, me and Travis [Trevisan, singer-guitarist for TDM] have been really good about scheduling. We will let each other know as soon as any show is offered and work it out. Juggling two bands enjoyable challenge.”

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