Amos Lee: Between Jello Shots and Boy-Band Groupies

It's remarkable how savagely drunk some people get at the most mellow of concerts. Somewhere between the Jello shots and middle-aged women screaming during choruses like boy-band groupies, Amos Lee played an intricate, relaxed set of bluesy folk to a sold-out House of Blues. The Philadelphia-bred singer-songwriter, who has toured with a roster that includes Bob Dylan and Paul Simon, carries an understated stage presence and lets his soulful music do all the talking.

Highlights of Lee's set included the encore performance of "Jesus," one of his grittier numbers off of the recently released Mission Bell record. His band came through with a loose, occasionally jazzy take on his recorded material accompanied by backing gospel vocals. Lee also played some welcome older material from Last Days at the Lodge, such as the country-justice tune "Truth," which inspired a fair amount of wino karaoke.

The wave of momentum Amos Lee has been riding en route to a number-one-selling iTunes record and sold-out gigs across the U.S. does not appear to be rolling back anytime soon.

  • Concert: Amos Lee
  • Date: January 29
  • Venue: House of Blues
  • Seats: General Admission

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