Truck Backs into Motorcycle in Normal Heights

A motorcyclist's right leg was severed Sunday morning, January 30, when a pickup truck backed into the rider’s path as he headed west on Meade Avenue. The 51-year-old Kensington resident's leg was cut off at the knee and hung on the bumper of the truck until a paramedic removed it and took it with the victim to the hospital.

The truck had been backing out of a driveway on the north side of Meade Avenue between Swift Avenue and 34th Street. Quick-thinking neighbors applied a tourniquet to the man's leg because it was bleeding heavily. Witnesses were hopeful that the victim's leg could be reattached because the cut appeared to be clean and straight.

"This could happen to any of us," a neighbor said. "Visibility from our driveways is terrible with all the parked cars."

Image: stock photo

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Always look twice for motorcyclists!!

The problem is not looking for motorcyles it is seeing them, they are difficult to see and are esily hidden in blind spots.

I used to ride a motorcycle on the street, and stopped because there was just no way to make it safe. I had someone cause an accident to ME (faiure to yeild) the very first hour of the very first day I had my bike.

Too dangerous for the street.

Back into your driveway, not out. Driving forward slowly is the safest way out onto the street.

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