The Heat Rises for Sweetwater Union High School District Trustees and Associates

While attention from the district attorney’s December 20 raids was focused on Sweetwater Union High School District trustees, the agents also searched the homes of former of Southwestern College officials.

Both districts were recipients of significant construction-bond monies in recent years. Southwestern College passed Proposition R for $389 million in 2008; prior to that, in 2007, Sweetwater passed Proposition O for $644 million.

Agents raided the home of Nicholas Alioto, former vice president of business and finance. Alioto was in charge of awarding construction contracts.

Henry Amigable’s home was also searched. In September 2010, the San Diego Reader reported, “Amigable appears to follow the bond money. According to a Seville [Construction Services] press release, he joined the company in April 2009. Prior to joining Seville, Amigable worked for Gilbane Construction. He had been responsible for the oversight and management of Proposition O construction at Sweetwater Union High School District.”

The home of John Wilson was also searched. John Wilson was the director of business and operations for Southwestern College and oversaw the construction projects for both Proposition AA (an $89 million bond that passed in 2000) and Proposition R. When Wilson retired from Southwestern in 2009, he went to work for Seville Construction Services as a consultant earning $165 an hour.

Like Amigable, Greg Sandoval (whose home was also raided) was a crossover between Southwestern and Sweetwater. Sandoval was a Sweetwater trustee for 16 years, during which time he was also vice president of student affairs at Southwestern College. Sandoval is currently listed as vice president of student services at Morena Valley College.

Pictured: Henry Amigable

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Could it be that John Wilson was "working" for Seville even before he left Southwestern in 2009. Maybe the wheels of justice turn slowly, and they probably should, but it seems so long ago that the Reader revealed all of the corruption related to Proposition monies at Southwestern. Let's hope justice prevails, and everyone involved, not just a token few, are made to pay for their crimes.

whatever the connection - i believe it is seville - hopefully this will bring an end to the apparent corruption.

isn't it interesting how all of the players seem to intertwine?, like a grapevine.

i am wondering if the fbi is also conducting their own investigation, from the looks of things this investigation is going to take a great deal of man power from the da's office.

still wondering why cartmill was not included in the search warrants - much of the attention seems to be on the large donations, and goodness knows cartmill was right up there at the top of the list. he and mccann - boosom buddies - cartmill even donated money to mccann's campaign.

the reader, in particular ms. luzzarro has - for a v e r y long time been reporting on the issues at both southwestern and sweetwater. and now FINALLY something may come of it.

what should not be overlooked is the ricasa connection to southwestern and sweetwater. recent events seem to indicate that she was hit with a fine regarding the mixing of campaign funds additionally the maac project, which she is the chair has been receiving a great deal of curious attention.

you know all of these board members seem to have interests in many many politically connected groups and orgs. career politicians -

wondering if term limits might be the answer, wondering if campaign donation limitations needs to be brought up again to the board at the next meeting, wondering if any and all contractors and vendors should be prohibited from donating to any candidate, wondering if any and all contractors and vendors should be prohibited from giving gifts OF ANY AMOUNT TO BOARD MEMBERS OR MEMBERS OF THE BOARD MEMBERS FAMILY.

while i guess i could wonder all i want, it is going to take more than a few to fight the good fight - perhaps it is time for all of you reading this to pledge to go to the next board meeting - perhaps if you could ask a friend or neighbor and they could ask a friend or neighbor. can you imagine, an impromptu protest at the next meeting? how many of you remember the 60's and 70's? - how many of you use to turn out to fight the good fight. how many of you have children who attend public schools - wouldn't you love the opportunity to be part of the solution - wouldn't it feel good to know you actually participated in an action that will positively affect an entire community?

anniej, your appeal to the public to go to board meetings is straight up what needs to happen...What I see in the South Bay, regrettably, is people desperately trying to connect the dots, people going to work, picking up their kids, etc. History shows us that change is always started by a small part of the population.

I think the web of connections between Sweetwater and Southwestern and bond money is worth reporting.

My ear is to the ground and I am being told by many that they are concerned about the D.A. investigations--will they extend to other board members, former board members at Southwestern, superintendents, public relations people?

In the meantime there is Christmas :-)

something has to be done to ring the bell and stir the interest and concern to the point where parents will realize they are truly needed in order to affect change.

there is no doubt that the dots will be connected. cartmill - been there way to long - --- same with ricasa. quinones should have never bee voted in - and mccann is simply using the suhsd board as a spring board for either mayor or possibly even the assembly. the lot of them - it is hard to believe these are our representatives. could someone anyone tell me what they have done to improve sweetwater? all i hear when i listen to the boarad meetings is a bunch of bodies going thru the motions of showing up. lopez, the sole dissenting vote 99.9% of the time. the questionable activity astounding. but trust me there is a group who is committed to fight the good fight for as long as it takes to bring suhsd back its good name. they are taking steps to expand their efforts so i hear - bravo to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is a war - not a fight! in war you fight MANY battles. this war is all about integrity, honesty, improvement, words our current board know little of.

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