Rave On, a Tribute to the Songs of Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly's been dead 52 years. He died at 22 in a plane crash described "as the night the music died" by singer Don McLean in his classic-rock anthem "American Pie."

Though his recording career lasted only three years, Holly's influence and song catalogue helped define rock and roll. On this new tribute album, you can hear Holly's rock influence best as interpreted by Paul McCartney's channeling of the early Beatles sound on a memorable cover of "It's So Easy."

There are 19 Holly songs in this collection, and for someone who is familiar with the original Holly versions, it is a treat to hear them reworked by pop artists old and new. Florence and the Machine add a touch of zydeco to "Not Fade Away," Cee Lo Green speeds up and modernizes "You're So Square," Jack White and Karen Elson stylize "Crying, Waiting, Hoping,” and Lou Reed does a traditional take of “Peggy Sue,” as does Fiona Apple on her beautifully rendered cover of "Everyday."

Other artists on this stellar, star-studded tribute disc include the Black Keys, She and Him, Patti Smith, and My Morning Jacket.

  • Album: Rave On
  • Artist: Various
  • Label: Hear Music
  • Songs: (1) Dearest (2) Everyday (3) It's So Easy (4) Not Fade Away (5) You're So Square (6) Crying, Waiting, Hoping (7) Rave On (8) I'm Gonna Love You Too (9) Maybe Baby (10) Oh Boy (11) Changing All Those Changes (12) Words of Love (13) True Love Ways (14) That'll Be the Day (15) Well All Right (16) Heartbeat (17) Peggy Sue (18) Peggy Sue Got Married (19) Raining in my Heart

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Uh, that would be "the day the music died"...

Unless you're quoting the little known demo version that McLean recorded on that mid-day train to Georgia...

My two cents. You are right on the quote. I was probably thinking night because the plane Holly got on was after a show and at night? Anyway, good call.

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