Coronado Police Have Your [License Plate] Number

Next time you visit the city of Coronado, be advised. The Police Department now has "a new high-tech device that will give Coronado Police officers the ability to scan license plates on parked or moving vehicles and immediately be alerted if they are stolen or wanted in connection with a crime," according to a story on

Called the Automated License Plate Reader,the hi-tech device has recently been placed on the roof of one Coronado Police car. When the cop car is driven around, the License Plate Reader scans thousands of car licenses per hour and then runs the data through several law enforcement internet databases. said that "Coronado paid for the License Plate Reader through a $30,000 grant from the Urban Area Security Initiative Program funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Coronado Police Chief Lou Scanlon believes "this system will enhance our ability to protect the public."

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Oh, yeah--like all the car thieves head straight for Coronado.

LOL....believe it or ot I actually got a ticket from a cop who claimed to have one of these devices on his car back in April, and the ticket was for obstruction of a license reading device, Vehicle Code section 5201(g).

The problem was the dirty cop did not actually have one of these electronic devices on his car. And he lost the case in court.

What were you doing to obstruct it?

Did the judge cuss him or her out?

The dork cop said my bumper obstrcuted the license plate and wrote me for the obstruction of the electronic reading device section 5201g. The judge didn't do jack (well, exceot dismiss the ticket). I submitted a post judgment motion asking for sanctions against the cop because when a cop signs a traffic ticket saying you were breaking the law they do it "under penalty of perjury", read the ticket next time you get one-that made this cop a liar and a perjuror. The judge refused to accept the motion! So I had to resubmit the motion and told the judge if he refused it again I would file a complaint with the commission on judicial performance, and then he finally took the motion but denied it.

These devices are very big $$$$$. LAPD has them, and I hear many are on undercover cars, not the marked units.

They also have these set up at the I-5 and I-15 check points-look up when you go past them and you will see this large cameras mounted overhead, they scan and also record your license plate.

I am sure that the Dept. of Homeland Security is handing this money out like candy to Navy towns so the cops can beef up their security and keep the bad terrorists away since there are those big nuclear aircraft carriers hanging around at nearby North Island. Also, all the rich snobs in Coronado who are mad about all the riff-raff that comes over the Bridge now that it's free can feel better that the po-po is running plates and cleaning up the town! Everyone's a winner in Coronado!

Michael Whiteside: I've had cop buddies tell me in the past that they've regularly done the same thing. One drives the other just sits on the laptop and punches in every license plate they can. I think automation is great! If you aren't doing anything illegal then it shouldn't bother you. If you're car was stolen, then this is a blessing. If you are driving around in a constant state of criminality, you probably lack the yearly salary to even end up on Coronado :P

Joey Bahena: Not Mine... My License Plate Is Spray Painted With Cover Up... Naked To The Eye, But Will Not Read Thru Any Kind Of Lens... Kinda Like When You Smear Lemon Juice On A Camera Lens...

Michael Whiteside: ‎@Joey Bahena: Are you talking about PhotoBlocker? This seems to be more of an active scanning system (think The Terminator's eye) that wouldn't be affected by a hyper-reflective license plate intended to thwart traffic cameras that flash when taking the photo. If it does use flash, then along with the "thousands of plates" they are scanning, they're probably putting a good amount of jogging epileptic sufferers into some severe seizures.

My License Plate Is Spray Painted With Cover Up... Naked To The Eye, But Will Not Read Thru Any Kind Of Lens

Then you will be cited for a VC 5201(g) violation.

Officer Mansker has a new non-lethal toy?

Mansker has NO business having a badge and gun. If these cop and LE jobs were based on OBJECTIVE hiring standards Mansker would NEVR have made it-not in a million years- past the 1st hurdle.

He is a moron who has a multi million dollar legal judgment against him.

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