San Ysidro Port of Entry Tumbles as Reconstruction Begins

A new San Ysidro border port is under construction.
  • A new San Ysidro border port is under construction.

Crossing over the new pedestrian bridge in San Ysidro, the observer can see the beginning of the end, the razing of the current United States Port of Entry, which will be replaced with a new facility for border-crossers awaiting legal access to the U.S. The current building is about 40 years old.

Heavy equipment has moved in and has already begun to tear down parts of the secondary inspection site, where vehicular traffic was diverted for more thorough inspection procedures and where one could sometimes see cars being disassembled.

With the advent of the newly opened pedestrian bridge crossing over I-5, the old bridge running alongside the U.S. Port of Entry has been closed down and will be razed along with the rest of the building within in a couple of months. Border-crossers can expect a bit more confusion and delay as traffic is rerouted to facilitate the renovations.

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