U-T's Tom Gores Mugs for Cameras in Detroit

U-T owner Tom Gores dances "almost John Travolta-like" at a Detroit Pistons game. He recently bought the team.
  • U-T owner Tom Gores dances "almost John Travolta-like" at a Detroit Pistons game. He recently bought the team.

L.A.’s Tom Gores, whose Platinum Equity has owned the Union-Tribune since buying it from David Copley two years ago, has been raising his public profile of late. For years, the only photograph of the discount takeover artist that appeared in popular media was a posed Hollywood-style glamour shot, and he rarely has given interviews. But earlier this month, after he and his so-called private equity group announced its agreement to buy the Detroit Pistons basketball team, a blue-jean clad, unshaven Gores showed up at a game in a suite 16 rows above the court and was featured on the Palace arena’s video scoreboard mugging for cameras and wildly thrusting his fist in the air to the cheers of fans. Revealed during the 2008 illegal wiretapping trial of L.A. private eye Anthony Pellicano to have been particularly chummy with the then-wife of his brother and fellow vulture investor Alec, Gores was pictured standing happily alongside his own smiling blond spouse. He also danced in the aisle, “almost John Travolta–like,” according to the Detroit News. “I’m excited to be back in Michigan. And I’m happy that everybody’s kind of welcoming me back,” he told the paper. “I grew up in sports. But mostly, I’m excited about inspiring the town.”

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Remember, it's not a done deal yet. He actually hasn't finished the deal yet and the NBA hasn't approved the sale yet. There's always time for things to change. 6 months ago, the founder of Little Caesars Pizza was all set to buy the team. Then he had his accountants go thru the books and he dropped the deal like a hot potato. And this guy was no virgin when it comes to sports team ownership; he also owns the Tigers and the Redwings. Maybe he saw something that Gores missed. Or maybe Gores just wants a sports team as a trophy, sort of like some guy up here in L.A.. What was his name again??? Oh yeah McCourt. HAHAHA

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