Tijuana’s Bullring by the Sea Gets New Director

The sporadic, unpredictable staging of bullfight events in Tijuana during the past few years appears to be coming to an end with the arrival of a Mexico City director.

Tijuana's daily Frontera reports that Dr. Rafael Herrerías Olea has signed a three-year contract to manage all bullfighting events at TJ’s Plaza Monumental, better known to the English-speaking world as the “Bullring by the Sea.”

Herrerías, who for 18 years managed Mexico City’s Plaza de Toros (where he was accused of tax fraud in 2004), is expected to usher in a dependably scheduled bullfight season; in the past, events have been scheduled and then canceled or announced a couple of days before taking place.

Although nothing but Herrerías’s contract has been confirmed, the newspaper reported that the first scheduled fight of the season will be on Sunday, May 29.

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lol. sorry railsplitter but that's a lost 'tenner.' and as for serious fan, well, i've only gone to one bullfight ever and that was a couple of years ago. but i immediately fell in love with the sport.

the closest i get to animal activist is not killing spiders since i'm rather fond of 'em and find them to be neat creatures. and calling all dogs puppies.

and for the record (because i'm sure someone will pounce on this and denounce my name), i love animals but they aren't human and don't think they merit the same rights as humans.

What gives according to the article at the link below they destroyed most of the bullring back in '07.


This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

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