Majestic Prague, Czech Republic

This is an amazing town. It’s an open-air museum best explored on foot; every turn offers an architectural feast for the eyes. I spent a week in Prague and it remains one of the highlights of my travels.

Because Prague escaped the ravages of WWII, the buildings in the Old Town are original 11th Century and simply majestic. The New Town was built in the 14th and 15th Centuries. Yes, that’s the New Town!

Like Budapest, Prague is built on two sides of a river. The bustling Charles Bridge spans the Vltava River and is a fun spot for people watching and viewing the unforgettable sights of this ancient town.

Don’t miss an evening at the National Marionette Theater. (Yes, it's a puppet show.) The huge string puppets are managed from above as you enjoy an amazing performance of Mozart’s famous Don Giovanni and the Magic Flute.

I am a classical music and opera nut so Prague was like a candy store for me. Can you believe that this small town has three opera houses? The oldest, built in the 1700s, will always be famous for the premiere of Mozart’s Don Giovanni — conducted by the composer himself. The “newer” opera houses were built in 1886 and 1888.

We spent a magical evening at the Prague State Opera. I have no clue what they were singing (no English subtitles here). Just spending an evening in that magnificent building was worth every Koruna. And what a bargain it was. For the best seats, we paid 1350 Koruna, which is the equivalent of $75 a seat. That’s 1/3 of the price for the best seats at the L.A. Opera!

Hungry? No problem! There are dozens of restaurants in the Old Town and the New Town. A favorite in the Old Town is U Prince. At night, enjoy the live jazz.

A fun way to explore Prague is “Prague Walks.” Several times a day, tourists meet under the astronomical clock in the Old Town. Each walk is unique and fascinating and led by a student who speaks very good English. One evening we did a pub walk into the cellar bars. We would never have found them on our own!

You might consider taking a river cruise that ends in Prague. Spend several days after the cruise in Prague exploring this magnificent ancient town — you'll never forget it.

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