Maserati 37:29:24

In the ’60s, the pioneers of psychedelic rock were inspired by psychedelic drugs. Not so much anymore, but the musical DNA lives on, so it comes as no surprise when Maserati’s Matt Cherry sends a list of influences that includes ’60s and ’70s psych rock, krautrock, electronica, even disco. “Lately,” he writes, “we’ve taken ideas from Pink Floyd, Ash Ra Tempel, Tangerine Dream, and Giorgio Moroder and tried to make them our own.”

Maserati is a trio from Athens, Georgia. Two guitars and a bassist — not a vocalist among them (drummer A.E. Paterra joins them for this tour). “When we started playing together 12 years ago, we didn’t have a PA system in our practice space, so no vocals were ever contemplated.” It’s okay, actually. Maserati is good at the instrumental thing. Almost all Maserati songs are tone poems that start on a simple rhythmic premise and crescendo to a point where instrumental hell breaks loose and then simmers back down again. It sounds improvised, but Cherry says no. “With us, songs tend to go through many iterations before they reach their near-final state. And even then, we end up changing stuff around as we play them live….

“The new record, Pyramid of the Sun, has a bunch of references to 666 by Aphrodite’s Child as well as an obsession our guitar player Coley [Dennis] has with Mexican history.” I tell him I’ve long wondered about their album title 37:29:24. “It’s the length of our first record: 37 minutes, 29 seconds, 24 milliseconds. It was the reading on the studio counter the night the record was mastered.”

Kenseth Thibideau and the DevFits also perform.

MASERATI: Soda Bar, Thursday, April 14, 9 p.m. 619-255-7224. $10, $12.

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