Privatized Air's Dead Air

Privatized Air found exactly what they needed for current tour: an “all-around sober guy.”
  • Privatized Air found exactly what they needed for current tour: an “all-around sober guy.”

“We’re busy getting the van in order and getting our T-shirts and CDs all packed up,” says singer-guitarist Jonny Q, whose band Privatized Air released their sophomore album Tomorrow or Something in February. “I booked us on two tours, going through June, to support the CD, which is almost laughable, since the CD is more to support the tour than the other way around. Like most bands, what we sell is what we live on.”

An April tour will take the band through Utah, Arizona, and Colorado, while a June trek with L.A.-based Sisaret will wind through Northern California, Portland, and Seattle. “We’re hoping to come home with a small profit. We sleep free in the van the whole time, and we mooch off anyone who will have it. Some gigs offer small guarantees, some [paychecks] depend on the door, but mostly it depends on merch sales.”

One new luxury this year is the band’s own driver, Mike Darrach. “He’s basically unpaid, other than an occasional five-hour power drink or Newcastle Ale. His only pay so far has been a crew edition of the Privatized Air T-shirt, but he’s a great friend, he doubles as a photographer, and he’s an all-around sober guy, which is exactly what we need right now.”

However, the road can be a cruel mistress. “I think our worst show by far was in St. George, Utah. We were booked at a large coffee shop that insisted our drummer play their electronic drum set. He is very loud, but he had no experience with those, and its sound didn’t come through the monitors. So we had to play to the clicking of his sticks hitting the pads because we couldn’t hear the drum sounds that were coming out front.

“By the end of the night, we were all ready to kill ourselves.”

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This band rocks! I have seen them a couple of times around at various dive bars and they always put on a great show. PA for sure is gonna blow up, if they haven't done so already over in Colorado! Even though they snatch songs like "Pain Reliever" from their friends- Hocus- they still are definitely da bomb! Check them out if you can!

Foo forever? wha? PA forever!! Muhaha! Dave is dead! jk luv the foo's

I remember whne those guys rehearsed in a freakin garage! We used to go over and party with them! Foo Fighters=good PA=god

No profanity, libel, harrassment or abuse? What is there left to say?

Oh yeah! I love these guys (especially the bass player, who is a girl!) and will never miss a show if i can make it. See you saturday at Bar 11, never been there before, but willing to drive to see you all!

BTW punk IS dead, if you wanna view the body, google search "pop punk" its all there,...

My official all time favorite pack of misfits. Thats not libel is it? To me it is just plain fact, i dont even know what libel is, but i know im libel to find out...

I LOVE this band, PA, also they better be careful ripping off the Cardiac Kidz, they are back ya know, and they might kick your.....wait that might be libel, or profanity. Can we say cat? or is that not allowed?

Don't even talk to me about it! I knew these guys when they weren't nothing and i haven't gotten to see them since their new album came out. I am so gonna try to catch them on this tour, if there are any shows left. I guess i will never be their driver, LOL!!! I wonder if he's sober AFTER the show?

There's something about Utah that makes me want to avoid Utah. Can't put my finger on it. Oh well.

I'm so glad you guys are back for a few weeks! I can't wait to follow y'all like a groupie all over the county (past that, and I'll send my blessings, cuz it gets expensive, you know...).

Best of luck to this awesome trio deserving of great things.

Also Nicky could knock down some arches in Moab.... then people would hear about us...

Having done many a show with Privatized Air, it's finally great to see them getting the recognition they deserve!! Keep Rocking Jonny, Laura and Nicky!!! P.S. Hocus needs some songs...

got ya covered man, been learning some new Hocus songs i stole...

Hey! It's great to see you guys finally getting some much-deserved recognition for your music. Privatized Air is AWESOME!!! I'm looking forward to seeing more reviews and follow-up articles about you.

Electronic drums?! What in the hell is a band like this doing playing in coffee shops anyway?

Further, I must say I find it disturbing that they need to have a designated driver for their tour vehicle. Makes me wonder about what they did before they found him, hmmmmm...

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