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The controversy over the future of Linda Vista’s Skateworld has spilled over into the Sixth District race for San Diego City Council, with opponents of Howard Wayne pointing out that earlier this year the former Democratic assemblyman contributed $1000 from one of his campaign committees, Howard Wayne for State Senate 2012, to Bayside Community Center. That’s the nonprofit outfit that has partnered with MRW Development, run by former Bayside boardmember Michael Weber, in a bid to replace the venerable roller-skating venue with a gentrified retail and recreation center.

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For the record, the donation was specifically donated to the senior nutrition program and has nothing to do with the controversy between Bayside and Skate World.

"... nothing to do with the controversy.."

Sorry, it does. If you're promoting it to the tune of $1000, and your a political entity, you're connected. Don't think you can BS people about your politics.

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