Salaries of San Marcos Administrators Questioned

“Tonight, I am asking for [city clerk] Susie Vasquez’s resignation,” said San Marcos business owner Laura Mouradian during the oral-communication portion of the September 14 city-council meeting.

According to Mouradian, she was told by a reporter that Vasquez makes $166,000 a year. “That would be fine if she were qualify — she not only doesn’t have a law degree,” said Mouradian. "She’s an idiot."

During an encounter with the city clerk, Mouradian claims that Vasquez informed her that the ID-scanning machines that she purchased for her business (the Jumping Turtle Bar & Grill) were illegal and needed to be disposed of.

“Well, no they’re not illegal,” said Mouradian, “and it’s disgusting that you don’t think everyone should have them.”

Mouradian indicated that she has a lot of information on Vasquez that could cause her to be fired and perhaps lose her pension. Mouradian said she is prepared to disclose the information publicly at a later date. “If you do not resign, you will be humiliated,” she added.

Mouradian then took on the topic of the salary and benefits of city manager Paul Malone, which was reported by the North County Times to be $396,085. Mouradian claims that Malone makes more than any city employee in the county.

“Why are you making that much," Mouradian asked, "when we’re a town of 84,000 and when there are people with a lot more responsibility than you?”

Neither Malone nor Vasquez responded to any of Mouradian’s comments regarding their salaries.

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