Kava Lounge Hosts Bonobo Benefit and Todo Mundo

The vibe at oft-creepy Kava Lounge, home of the Vegan White Russian and kava mixed drinks, is atypically cheery for the Bonobo Benefit. About 25 primate empathizers mill about beneath dangling fliers of factoids from bonobo.org.

Did you know bonobos are the closest extant relatives to human beings? Not proficient swimmers? Matriarchal? Highly sexual? Endangered because they are sold as pets and bush meat?

Concert organizer Brooke Kettering volunteers with the intelligent apes locally and beams that there is "no greater feeling than when someone from another species picks you as a friend."

"Bonobo's are just one thing that need our help," says latin/reggae/folk band Todo Mundo’s frontman Santiago Orozco. "Every small thing is a big thing."

In headscarf, white samba pants, and tank top, Colombian-born Orozco and band, which comprises a Argentinean guitarist, a backing vocalist, and a Venezuelan percussionist, play a passionate "Primavera." After, Orozco disclaims, "Some songs are in English. Some are in Spanish. But the language doesn't matter. Feel the music in your heart."

Orozco certainly does. A vegetarian and good-natured guy to boot, the 23-year-old Bogota native says, "It doesn't matter where you are from or what you are thinking. We are one."

  • Concert: Todo Mundo
  • Date: September 13
  • Venue: Kava Lounge
  • Seats: Standing

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