Normal Heights Boundaries Change on New City Map

Normal Heights, a 104-year old neighborhood in the Mid-City area, is shown on a new city map (click here) divided into two parts: the area north of Adams Avenue has been renamed Adams North; the area south of Adams Avenue is Normal Heights.

The revision was a surprise to a number of residents who always thought they lived in Normal Heights, which they have routinely described as bounded on the west by the 805, on the east by the 15, on the north by the Mission Valley canyon rim, and on the south by the centerline of El Cajon Blvd.

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  1. It would have been helpful to explain when & why this has happened!

That said, I'm not surprised as those that live North of Adams are by far much more Wealthy than those that now live in "just Normal Heights". The Mission Valley rim is like "ocean front" to these folks that all have a great view!

  1. North Park is now the Eastern Edge of "Western" and not part of MId City" any longer, and Burlingame has it's own boundary, I guess because so many "connected" folks reside there!

  2. Has South Park disappeared! It is not shown on any map, until you go to "Central"! I guess the City is afraid of the upcoming lawsuit about their MAD money being spent elsewhere...

  3. Funny how the City can change "OUR" maps!

Here is a reply from City Planning:

There haven’t been any planning boundary changes.

As I suspected, these are not the community planning boundary areas we use for planning purposes, but the areas identified by the police department for their purposes.

In the description it mentions “neighborhood policing and community services” areas. Basically these are the “police beat” maps. If you look at the “Neighborhood Maps Home Page”:

Their boundaries and the boundaries we use for planning purposes are different and use for entirely different purposes.

Not everyone who lives north of Adams Ave. sees "the Mission Valley rim like ocean front." Not everyone has a "great view." Not everyone is "by far much more wealthy" than other residents of "just" Normal Heights. Would like to read some demographic information on Comment #1 above.

Suzanne Ledeboer

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