Redesign of Thee Bungalow Near Complete, Bo-Beau to Debut

Bo-Beau Kitchen & Bar is the name given to the restaurant once occupied by Thee Bungalow. The rear exterior has been remodeled to resemble a French chateau patio with a large outdoor pizza oven. A bistro-like al fresco dining area is being created around the oven.

While riding by on West Point Loma Boulevard, I noticed designer Gina Faulk in the parking lot, painting a mural on the wall. She applied a whitewash over the work to help seal and waterproof it. She said she’s worked with the Cohns "for over 20 years.” (The Cohn Restaurant Group bought Thee Bungalow four years ago; it was closed down this past August.)

Faulk said "the Cohns were shooting for a late October opening"; however, the decorator surmised an early-November debut was more likely.

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I have to warn the curious foodies out there-this restaurant looks to be wonderful but it will cost you! I have it on good authority that the food and drink will be pricey. But the outdoor pizza oven looks really cool and Frenchie. I bet the nearby residents will be driven to distraction by that divine wood-pizza baking smell, once the pizza gets to baking.

Good luck resisting that!

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