Encinitas City Council Candidate Tony Kranz Accused of “Attack”

Roger Ogden, a Hillcrest resident who claims to have worked for 30 years at a local research-and-development center as a physicist and project manager, spoke before the Encinitas City Council meeting on Wednesday, October 20, to detail an encounter he allegedly had with city-council candidate Tony Kranz.

“I was recently amazed to learn that Tony Kranz is campaigning for a seat in the city council on the promise to create a better tone and an environment of a more open discourse, because this is the same Tony Kranz that assaulted me at a protest in April,“ Ogden said.

According to Ogden, Kranz — a longtime Encinitas resident — assaulted him at a protest in front of a coffeeshop in North Park on April 11 because he didn’t like what he was protesting. During the confrontation, Ogden says that he was exercising his freedom of speech and alleged that Kranz ripped a sign he was holding and broke it.

“He barked obscene insults at me, saying he ‘ought to kick my ass,’” added Ogden. A look at Ogden’s Facebook page shows a photo of him holding an anti-Obama sign with a message that reads “Fake Messiah” and “Usurper” with an image that resembles Barack Obama.

During the city-council meeting, Ogden showed multiple photos of Kranz confronting him, including a photo with Kranz extending his middle finger. Ogden says that he asked police to file assault charges against Kranz but they declined.

“He’s the one that got upset and approached me in an aggressive manner…I didn’t realize he was unstable enough to attack me,” said Ogden.

Another speaker, Claire Vanaelstyn, spoke before the council and testified that the alleged incident did occur. “Is this the type of person you want as a fellow Encinitas councilman?” asked Vanealstyn.

Image: tonykranz.com

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greetings from encinitas ... where tony kranz is patrolling the streets of this county and enforcing his PC sensibilities on the willing and unwilling alike.

on the just and unjust alike. you decide ...

pictures don't lie people .... and here is the youtube with pictures of the assault ...



the shadow of encinitas

holmanspet, that video "evidence" is pretty weak, to say the least.

It is not a video of an assault, but a video of 2 or 3 still pictures that show nothing other than this guy giving you the one finger salute, with a bunch of stupid and distracting background music giving me brain damage as I watched it.

Everyone has the right to their own point of view-and I agree no one has the right to use force to challenge your view, but if your claim is this guy was using force against you then you need to bring some real evidence, like the police making an arrest based on probable cause, or a legit pic or video of an actual battery on the person.

This is just a toothless accusation on your part......

Pictures and two witnesses weak? What else would u like? Signed cofession from Tony Kranz? He looks like charlie Manson to me. This is not csi. In real life, pictures and witnesses are enough to convice a jury.

RE "Pictures and two witnesses weak? What else would u like? Signed cofession from Tony Kranz? He looks like charlie Manson to me. This is not csi. In real life, pictures and witnesses are enough to convice a jury.":

Think again.

Also, talk to a real attorney.

It's possible that a real attorney has already had something to say, and you were not charged a fee.

Mysterious. Did u see the video of Tony Kranz and Teresa Barth on YouTube?

The video is likely inadmissible. I can't imagine an attorney on the opposite side not challenging it as a prejudicial fabrication. Standing alone, the photos are subject to numerous interpretations. It's possible that one may use the photos on their own to argue that the one with the complaint did not take the precaution of stepping back and walking away and thus contributed to the situation.

The one with the complaint should talk to a real attorney. I am no attorney, but I know what it feels like to lose big time as public interest plaintiffs without attorney to a battery of corporate attorneys on the other side in simultaneous federal and state legal actions, even though we had certified laboratory testing evidence that had been previously used to obtain federal felony convictions on our side, and we were crime victims recognized by the FBI and US Dept. of Justice. Losing was bad; court costs awarded to the corporate defendants only added insult to injury, and my neighbors and I still have concerns over asbestos-caused lung cancers caused by defendants' acts in the coming decades. One defendant attorney told us we could always sue over coming down with cancer when the time comes later... some comfort.

In a matter involving two parties' freedom of conflicting expression, I don't really see what the real, non-symbolic damages are. According to the video, this person has had a chance to present his political argument in a political forum, and he certainly can continue to do so. Just don't expect Superior Court as a LEGAL forum to ratify this person's political beliefs, because constitutionally, courts don't go there, most likely considering the matter to be a waste of Court resources. Besides, the one with the complaint will get no hearing until months after the election, anyways... even in Small Claims where this appears to be heading without significant damages.

Everyone needs to be careful and not hurt themselves legally. Build a better political argument and send him home at the polls.

tony kranz a political candidate for the encinitas city council attacks a guy with an anti-obam sign at a bob filner party. there are pictures, and witnesses. no one is talking about locking him up, though maybe they should. or suing him, though maybe they should.

people are just asking if this has any bearing on his fitness for office.

answer: ABSOLUTELY. watch it for yourself at the address above on youtube.

Pictures and two witnesses weak? What else would u like? Signed cofession from Tony Kranz? He looks like charlie Manson to me. This is not csi. In real life, pictures and witnesses are enough to convice a jury.


LOL.. that video is not going to convince a jury of anything holmanspet, other than the guy gave you the finger, which is certainly not against the law (not even under the "fighting words" doctrine). He does not look like C. Manson to me, but even if he did, that is not against the law.

In real life, when making accusations, the burden is upon the one making them, not the other way around.

Look, if the guy did the things you ALLEGE, he was wrong, but this video does not support a case, certainly not a criminal case and IMO not even a civil case where the evidence bar is substantially lower.

RE the stringer article at "Ogden says that he asked police to file assault charges against Kranz but they declined": SENSATIONAL.

Ogden appears to have tried to get Kranz arrested. IF Kranz had been arrested, THEN maybe he could have turned himself into a sympathetic political prisoner, with the pre-existing youtube video not made by him for proof. I figured somebody was serious about suing once I saw the comment that a video and two witnesses was "enough to convi[n]ce a jury" as it was stated in comments above. Fortunately, this apparent anticipation of being in front of a jury appears to be just hot air.

I made my comments about evidence inadmissibility of fabricated prejudicial material AFTER viewing the video. Since the video of the incident was made by anti-Obama protesters at a Bob Filner event, it seems Ogden (who's apparent fighting words have yet to be reported) found the turf-war trouble he was looking for.

I more or less expected some wild and wacky things to happen in the last week or so before the election... whatever the intelligent message was about political points of view of both Kranz and Ogden, it all appears lost to the sensationalism stemming from a minor shoving match that I might have seen elsewhere if I really had the time to watch professional wrestling.

It's enough to make me glad I don't spend much time in Encinitas, just like I really try to limit my visits to Iran and North Korea as an ex-Republican independent who once worked in DC financial regulation for Bush 41.

people are just asking if this has any bearing on his fitness for office.

answer: ABSOLUTELY. watch it for yourself at the address above on youtube.

================== OK, so your complaint is not that he is liable civilly or criminally, only that he does not deserve to be in a position of leadership based on your allegations, fair enough.

If I were a voter there I would still want more than that YT video. Sorry, just MHO.

this is like the guy whose wife caught him in bed with another woman.

"'what are you doing in bed with that woman?"

"I'm not in bed with her. who you going to believe: me or your own lying eyes?"

Actually no, it is not like that at all.

More it is more like you are making wild claims, claiming it is attmepted murder, then showing a video of someone giving you the finger to back it up.

Not happening

RE #11:

When I wrote "Build a better political argument and send him home at the polls", this wasn't at the levels of intellectual honesty or political analysis of positions that I had in mind.

On the other hand, maybe this is what works for the Republican Party that I left two years ago to become an independent.

pictures and two witnesses. motion denied. Tony Kranz GUILTY OF BEING A DICK.

I left two years ago to become an independent.

I was a hardcore democrat my entire life, up until about 10 years ago when dems became nothing more than a political arm of the public unions and started killing off the poor and middle class with regressive tax increases to fund outrageous compensation to the public employes.

I have been an Independant ever since-and I am never going back.

I think both major political parties are whores who sell out to special interests (public unions for dems and Big Business for repubs) while wiping out the backbone of our country-the middle class.

"pictures and two witnesses. motion denied. Tony Kranz GUILTY OF BEING A DICK."

....and of being set up by a Richard Cranium?

Richard Cranium... Richard Cranium... who the %@*!& is Richard Cranium?...

Oh. I get it!

Richard Cranium... Richard Cranium... who the %@*!& is Richard Cranium?...

Oh. I get it!


LOL...OK, I REALLY!! had to put my thinking cap on for that one! Funny stuff.

Fighting words have to be a personal insult of some kind and a pretty severe one, not just a political view, even if it offends some people. Flag burning and, if I am not mistaken, even cross-burning have been ruled to not be fighting words. What are supposed to be the fighting words? Did he insult the virtue of Kranz's mother or the circumstances of his birth?

The worst damage that this ridiculous episode does to Kranz is not that it makes him look criminal, but it makes him look hotheaded, unstable and foolish to the voters.

RE #20:

There is no report of what was said prior to the alleged assault, and any comments made to Kranz are conveniently left of of the video. In this sort of political exchange, it would be difficult to get at the truth without a complete audio and video recording of the entire incident, and this apparently is not available.

To some Kranz may appear to be a hothead; others may see him as a courageous hero. It seems to depend only on the political viewpoint of the observer, as the credible unbiased evidence here seems to be rather short in supply.

In any case, outsiders such as myself still have no real clue from anything written here of what precisely those actual political views might be as they relate specifically to Encinitas, and it would have been nice to have them reported to provide some context for the alleged thrashing. As far as I can tell, fighting at Filner rallies in Encinitas is more or less OK as long as nobody pulls some hair or gives someone else a wedgie.

If a guy wants to be a politician, it just does not seem to be a great campaign strategy to get involved in street brawling at protests, because you don't like others excercising their constitutional rights. You just seem to be Kranz supporters in damage control mode, without any good arguments. It may not matter to you, but I suspect the opposition is eating Tony's lunch right now with the voter's. The whole thing is just not smart for a politician. Who is going to be enthusiastic about electing another stupid council member, I mean except the people writing these comments, who are probably Kranz's friends and family members.

The author of this article did not do his research or at least failed in presenting all the facts of this incident.

I was the organizer of the event that Roger Ogden was protesting. It was a Town Hall meeting featuring Congressman Bob Filner and radio personality Stacy Taylor.


A couple of days before the event we found out from Roger Ogden's website that he was encouraging others to create a disturbance at our meeting.

On researching Roger Ogden further we decided we needed to hire a Security Guard for the event.

Here is a link to a image of the poster Roger Ogden was carrying that day: http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j186/DonaldDouglas/Americaneocon/Nancy%20Pelosi%20Protest/Slide2-1.jpg

Roger Ogden was there to provoke others and to bring attention to his views, anyway possible. Here is a quote from Mr. Ogden.

"The sign is designed to provoke in order to draw people’s attention to the Nazi-like racism of the doctrine of Obama’s church of 20 years. I have found that I do not have to do anything except display the sign for people to go ballistic."

Here is another quote of Mr. Ogden I found on line: “Hitler suggested that Jews should be ga[s]sed in Mein Kampf… The doctrine of Obama’s church advocates white genocide. Both were ignored. Doesn’t mean [Obama] HAS to turn out the same as Hitler, but I believe we should not ignore early warning sings. Appeasers groveled before Hitler in the early days, the same as you guys are doing now with Obama. Why should we tolerate a genocidal racist in the White House?”

Mr Ogden was invited into our meeting but only if he would sign a "Civility Pledge." He refused. So while we were inside our peaceful Town Hall meeting with Congressman Filner, Roger and his four or five goons goosestepped outside with bullhorns and their disgusting signs.

I heard later from the security guard that Mr.Kranz was just trying to get back to his car, he was blocked by Roger's protest. On seeing the Hitler sign, heated words were exchanged. Mr. Kranz then took the sign and broke the stick, but according the security guard he never touched Mr. Ogden.

While I don't condone Mr. Kranz's action, I wonder if put in the same situation would I done the same thing?

I found his YouTube channel. Check out this clip about impeaching Obama. My God, it's absolutely disgusting!!


No wonder thugs like Tony attack him in the street. This man is a menace to society. Thanks WC...er I mean Mike for exposing this insane monster for what he really is.

And here's another clip, where Ogden and a bunch of his street rowdies are beating old ladies in the street, taking candy away from children and kicking stray dogs.


This man should be incarcerated. Thank you Tony Kranz for confronting this very dangerous person at the risk of your very life.

Here's an article that I found on the blog of this menace to society, claiming that the doctrine of Obama's church is genocidal, with some racist quotes that he claims comes from their own doctrinal literature.


From “Black Theology and Black Power” by James H. Cone (1969)

I believe that all aspiring black intellectuals share the task that LeRoi Jones has described for the black artist in America: “To aid in the destruction of America as he knows it:” (page 3)

And it should be said that racism is so embedded in the heart of American society that few, if any, whites can free themselves from it. (page 23)

In time of war, men want to know who the enemy is. Who is for me and who is against me? That is the question. The asserting of black freedom in America has always meant war. (page 26)

…violence may be the black man’s expression, sometimes the only possible expression, of Christian love to the white oppressor. (page 55)

If there is any contemporary meaning of the Antichrist (or “the principalities and powers”), the white church seems to be a manifestation of it. It is the enemy of Christ. (page 73)

Just as the black revolution means the death of America as it has been, so it requires the death of the Church in its familiar patterns. (page 116)

If the doctrine is against or indifferent to the essence of blackness as expressed in Black Power, then it is the work of the Antichrist:” It is as simple as that. (page 121)

It is a theology which confronts white society as the racist Antichrist, communicating to the oppressor that nothing will be spared in the fight for freedom. (page 135)

Whiteness, as revealed in the history of America, is the expression of what is wrong with man. It is a symbol of man’s depravity. (page 150)

In a white racist society, Christian obedience can only mean being obedient to blackness, its glorification and exaltation. (page 150)

It is this fact that makes all white churches anti-Christian in their essence. To be Christian is to be one of those whom God has chosen. God has chosen black people! (page 151)

Who is going to be enthusiastic about electing another stupid council member, I mean except the people writing these comments, who are probably Kranz's friends and family members.

Hey Roger, if you read our profiles you will see we have no affiliation with your nemesis whatsoever, we are all regulars here at the Reader.

We just think you're spinning your tall tales a little bit too hard.

What part do you find a "tall tale" and why? I think maybe you are confused about the situation. Let me explain it to you. Maybe I can help you understand it?

Like I said, no hair pulling or wedgies.

It all looks to manufactured to me. As an outsider who has no interest in the local politics except that it may lower San Diego bond ratings and thus raise interest payments with a little electoral craziness, the original article and the cited video don't do anything for me as far as informing me of ISSUES; it's all about personalities.

Whether it's a tall tale or not, it has nothing to do with an intelligent analysis of positions, so the people who are interested in fisticuffs can just deal with it themselves. The pending accreditation implosion at Southwestern College is much more entertaining, as is the developers' arguments in Prop. C, or the influence of a new state law as a bailout of CCDC downtown and its effect on the sales tax rate in San Diego's Prop. D. These matters actually involve ISSUES worth time for public debate, something lacking in the one-legged asset kicking contest at the Encinitas Filner rally.

If I were still a Republican, I wouldn't be showing up at a Filner rally out of respectful good manners. For me personally, there's nothing going on that's an invite to me back into the Republican Party. As for personalities, I'd vote for the independent Bozo the Clown if he actually had a serious plan that would improve the situation. So far the plans I've heard from the less professional clowns in office are not all that great. Bozo could do better.

Why would I manufacture something in April about someone I did not know and had no idea was running for public office in Encinitas in November. I have no reason to care about politics in the seaside burg of Encinitas, anyway. Do you think I just pick people out at random on the street and manufacture incidents about them on the off chance that they may later run for public office? There's a police report on this from April and Kranz was charged with malicious vandalism, because the police did not witness the assault, although Kranz lied and led the U-T to believe that they did. I imagine the charge was dropped, because there was not much cost to it, but he WAS charged with a crime and there is a record. Whether you think it is relevant or not is niether here nor there. Many people will find it relevant. Rather than exagerating, I am actually understating, because what he did is actually battery, not assault according the legal definition of the term.

It does not make any sense that I would pick someone out at random to harass and especially someone that is considerably larger than I am. I have been threatened several times at protests and/or people have tried to pick fights with me, when police were present, in an apparent attempt to have me arrested. Some people just don't like what I put on my protest sign and don't think that I have a right to express it in public. That is just intolerance and a lack of respect for the constitutional rights of others. If Kranz is elected, he will have to take an oath to defend the Constitution and in that respect it is very relevant. He has no respect for the Constitutional rights of others.

If this was manufactured, I suspect it was manufactured by the other side, because the shop had called the police already and told me that I would be arrested for picketing on the public sidewalk. If I had retaliated in any way and a fight had developed, I am sure that I WOULD have been arrested when the police pulled up. The police were hostile to us and threatened to arrest me for jaywalking that day.

Also, even if I were the type to harass people at random, why would I start harassing people on the sidewalk, when the manager had already told me that police were on the way. Do you think that I wanted them to arrest me? I have worked at the same place for 30 years and having a police record could well get me fired from my job.

RE "I was the organizer of the event that Roger Ogden was protesting. It was a Town Hall meeting featuring Congressman Bob Filner and radio personality Stacy Taylor":

Thank you for your side. As a member of the Old Guard under both Ford and Carter, I had been trained to ignore most protesters with signs, to stand at the ready but take no action against citizens taking a position under the First Amendment.

Still, my immediate opinion is that if anyone presented me with a picture of the Commander-in-Chief on my watch with Hitler hair on his upper lip, then perhaps that youngster would have been deserving of a history lesson in enemy identification. Clifford Alexander, the first African-American to be Secretary of the Army, got far better treatment and more respect from any and all of us in the Old Guard, at a time not far removed from Segregation at Fort Myer in Arlington, VA.

I did not have a sign with a Hitler mustache. I had images of Hitler and Obama side-by-side. The doctrine of Obama's church is Black Liberation Theology as stated by Jeremiah Wright, Jr. in a nationally televised Hanity interview that you can see on Youtube.

I have had a serious hobby interest in German language and history for about 35 years. My first German teacher was a Jewish lady who fled Germany with her family when she was eight immediately after the Reichskristallnacht pogrom. She taught me a little about the psychology of the rise of Nazism, by introducing me to the play by Max Frisch about it, "Biederman und die Braendstifter." She also got me a scholarship to study German language one summer in Germany. I organize two Meetup groups for German with 500-600 members. I have studied the origins of Nazism pretty intensively myself in recent years. My German is pretty good for someone that has never lived in Germany. I travel a lot for work, have been to Europe probably 30-40 times in recent years and have taken vacation time to visit numerous Holocaust and resistance museums in Munich, Berlin, Oslo, Paris and Amsterdam, bringing back armloads of books about the origins of Nazism.

I work as a research engineer. I don't claim to be the best in the world, but make my living by reading and analyzing what I read.

My objection to Obama is not the color is his skin as you assume, revealing your own prejudice. At first I became concerned and a bit disturbed with the mania surrounding his campaign and the references to him being the Messiah by some of his supporters and in his campaign art. Just before the election I started reading about Black Nationalism and Black Liberation Theology and discovered that BLT is a black identity religion, in concept much like the Nazi Christian identity religion practiced in the US and also like the Nazi version of Christianity that was imposed on the Evangelical churches by the Nazis during the Third Reich, called Positives Christentum (Positive Christianity). This is what I am trying to call attention to. My sign is not just an empty insult, but I am trying to provoke people (to think, not to violence) to draw their attention to the fact that the doctrine of Obama's church is very much like Nazism in its racist concept. The media has refused to explain this to the public. Obama has never been confronted with this fact and asked to repudiate these beliefs. I have never been politically active before, but I became outraged by the failure of our media and politicians, Republicans and well as Democrats, to properly vet Obama and explain these facts to the public.

Even, if my sign was just an insult and had no other real message, I would have the right to say it without being physically intimidated, but the fact is that my sign does communicate a real message and this message is accurate in what it says about Obama's racist religion in a historical and theological context.

I have posted the protest sign with some explanation of it at this FaceBook page that I setup, called "Tony Kranz Exposed."


It's funny that more people don't notice the supreme irony of someone assaulting me in the street in order to convince me that his "great leader" should not be compared to a Nazi. It's a very facist mentality. It's not just Tony Kranz, either, but is a common attitude among Obama's supporters.

It's funny that more people don't notice the supreme irony of someone assaulting me in the street

Not true;

"Everyone has the right to their own point of view-and I agree no one has the right to use force to challenge your view..."

By SurfPuppy619 11:56 p.m., Oct 23, 2010

. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=129356557119436&set=a.129356533786105.43601.128791497175942#!/album.php?aid=43601&id=128791497175942&fbid=129356533786105 .

People really should be angry that this part of his background was not fully explained to the public. I am not the only one that has noticed it. The author, James H. Cone, of the foundation books on Black Liberation Theology wrote in the prefix of his own book that whites often find it racist and said that a well-known Catholic sociologist, Andrew M. Greeley, though he supported Obama for the Presidency, called BLT a Nazi mentality. David Horowitz called BLT afro-Nazism in one of his books. Cone explained the racist concepts by implying that it is not racism, because white people really are evil. Hatred of the white race is not racism, he wrote.

People are actually afraid to notice it and speak out, because they will be branded a "racist" and socially ostracized or because they are actually afraid they will be threatened physically, like I have been many times. Not a few silly people believe that Obama is the Antichrist. This manipulation of people's hopes for a millennial utopia and fears of the End Times has been done intentionally and very cynically, I think. The Nazis played on mass psychology of people in the same way and using the same kind of allusions to peoples deep-seated hopes and fears.

Louis Farrakhan publicly declared that Obama is a black Messiah. Around 1930, Alfred Rosenberg declared in his book, "Der Mythus des 20. Jahrhunderts," (The Myth of the 20th Century) that a great genius and a savior of the German nation would appear. Hitler promised a 1,000 year Reich (a millennial utopia). Obama promised to transform the US and change the World. He has also said publically in a church in South Carolina that he believes that "we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth" (a millennial utopia).

The circumstances, in some ways, are much different, but I just think that this should have all been fully disclosed and explained to the public by the media and (especially opposition) politicians and Obama should have been questioned about it and asked to specifically repudiate the racist core beliefs of that so-called church.

A couple of days ago, Obama urged a latino television audience to "punish their enemies." The "Enemy" is an expression that Black Nationalists use for the "white devil" and I have heard people use it in Obama's own church in Chicago in clips that they post. I think some latin militants will recognize this usage, but the wider public does not have enough information to put it in context, because the media and the politicians have not done their job vetting Obama and explaining his background.

Hi Roger, uh, "Tristan"...

If I had been there, and you got in my face with your ignorant rants, I'd have broken more than your sign. Mr. Kranz acted with admirable restraint.

To compare Obama to Hitler means only that Roger Ogden lost the argument from the beginning.


Oh yeah...learning pidgin German doesn't make you an expert in German history, and blathering on about Black Liberation Theology and contending that it's a plot to destroy America disqualifies you from ever being taken seriously by anyone.

Take A2Z's advice, and have a look at the real issues we're facing now. Maybe your deranged energy can be directed toward something useful...if you're looking for evil to oppose, take on CCDC...that's a real threat to every San Diegan's future.


Fred Williams

RE http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2010/nov/01/two-election-bricks-and-bouquet-comic-relief/ :

It would seem that the Logan Jenkins at the U-T is capable of exercising the same right of free expression as others so passionately claiming that right here.

We appear to have reached a stage of equality for all.

Hiya, Roger - first of all, let me tell ya how gosh-darned proud of you we all are up here! You're doin' the race proud - got to celebrate it! Oh, and I love that you named your son "Tristan". Looks like we might have something in common, what with me havin' "Trig" and all. So, I was thinkin' that I could help ya refudiate these nut cases that're all wee-wee'd up over this patriotic thingy that you're doin' down there in your great pro-America town. My buddy Joe's got some guys he can loan ya, for a small fee, of course, who should be able to help ya loose these loosers. Or is it looze? I can never seem to get that one right, doncha know? Well, anyway Rogestan, keep on track (memo to Todd - put that down as our next kid's name - Track!!) beat the tar outta these b**tards and don't fergit to Shoot the Moose! (wink, wink)

By ParahSalin 11:54 a.m., Nov 2, 2010 > Report it

OMG, BEST gimmick account ever made!!

And the profile pic...luvin it!!!!!!!!!!!

There appear to be a couple of sore losers reporting in here. The good burghers of Encinitas don't seem to appreciate the Brown Shirt tactics, either.

Fred, I'll be carrying the same sign at future protests. You're more than welcome to try. Everytime some idiot/loser/thug tries to to shut me up, it just ends up helping me reach more people.

Hey there, Rajah, thanks for gettin' back with me. Boy, I hear ya about those sore losers (sp?). I got so much attention after I kicked that Katey Currik broad's buttooski that I'm thinkin' about askin' her to be my runnin' grizzly in 2012. Not that I'm doin' that, ok? Those burgers that the UPS guys like sound pretty darn good, allright. Put one aside with my name on it, k? Ya ever try mixin' in a little salmon with it? I can getcha some. Oh, by the way, Todd was tellin' me that we already have a kid named Track. I just shucky-darn forgot, what with that dang liberal media always makin' such a fuss over that scumboy Levi and my angel Crystal, uh, BRISTOL! Ok, Roggie, gotta run, we're goin' down to Mitt's tonight to brush up on palm-writin'. Keep those signs raised!

Parah babee, I LUV your daughter Crystal-me and her, oh the possibilities for makin you more grandchildren!...........hook me up sweetay!

A heartfelt howdy-do to you, SP, from up here in the grate state of Alaskuh. I been keepin' my eye on ya, and thank ya for your kind offer. Two things, tho, and puhleeze don't take 'em personal. One, grandchildren!!?? Heck, I ain't done churnin' up my own butter yet! And two, we just got rid of one stray mutt that followed Bris home, we're not about to take in another! But we apprishyate your offer. Maybe I'll see ya when I go see Trisger in Encenadas for that burger he's ravin' about. - PS

I'm not personally a Palin fan. So, as far as I am concerned you can mock her as much as you like. Also, not a Glenn Beck fan. So, it would be nice, if you can also do something on Beck.

Re #47: Mock her? Perhaps you could look again. Maybe read between the lines this time.

I want to thank those with the wagnerian profile names for giving rise to ParahSalin. It's not that they're actually related, but... well... you know. [wink, wink]

I LOVE political satire, ever since I started reading Jonathon Swift in high school.

Start Transcript -- Glenn Beck Show:

Americans, my friends, look deep into my eyes...you can clearly see that sniff, I love my friend Roger Ogden.

Look at this chart. See how Kranz is half of Rosenkranz, who, along with Guildenstern, was tied to Elizabethan theatrical plots, which led to the Freemasons and Jimmy Carter? Yes, it's all clear now isn't it?

RealAmericans(TM) know that Obama is a Nazi...why, you may ask? Well-hell, it's just because, and if you question my authority on this you're obviously a socialist.

But let's not fight. No, we should all be friends agreeing with each other that fearsome creatures of the night are lurking under our beds, ready to rip our jugular veins unless we all vote Republican!

I say it's time to fight back America! And the best way to do that is to call Obama a Nazi on the street. Roger, buddy, I'm with you!

End Transcript -- Glenn Beck Show

Oops - forgot to change the name to glennswaggart.

Fred, about winning arguments. I am not trying to win any arguments. I am just putting the truth out there. Whether people believe it, or not, is up to them. Especially, the people in this forum, I would not expect to think to be able to think about it objectively. There are a lot of people that will, though, elsewhere. I am not trying to convince people that cannot be convinced. That would be a great waste of time.

kranz is a schmuck, but that wasnt assault

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