X-Rated Pop Poet Liz Phair Hits the Highlights at Belly Up

It was raining outside and dripping sweat inside, as Liz Phair blasted into "6'1"" from Exile in Guyville, then the poignant "Divorce Song."

Phair has come a long way since her early years of stage fright, but it's evident that she's still uncomfortable with between-song banter. She filled one void by reciting the X-rated "F--k & Run." Another early-career dirty ditty she sang was "Flower." By this time, the front filled with men, who gravitate to the “fellatio chorus.” Phair quipped, "These lyrics have caused trouble in my dating life."

When Phair said, "I could rap," there were boos. Her self-mockery suggested that she probably should have thought twice about the rap tracks on her new CD, Funstyle.

An excited fan said, "She did 'Champagne Supernova'!" but his girlfriend corrected him: "That's an Oasis song, dumbbell!" (Phair had a hit single with a song called "Supernova.")

As Phair greeted the fans waiting by the side of the stage after the show, she shared a lengthy hug with a woman who told her, "My daughter was the same age as your son. I just lost her to cancer." This rare show of true empathy from a genuine rock star was a touching way to end the night.

  • Concert: Liz Phair
  • Date: October 5
  • Venue: Belly Up Tavern
  • Seats: front row

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