David Maldonado Sees the Eyes of the Devil

“I have been friends with Kendra for a very long time but did not know Mr. Malil until that horrific night,” says Spanish guitarist David Maldonado, who spent two days testifying at the recent attempted-murder trial of actor Shelley Malil, costar of The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Maldonado not only witnessed the 2008 knife attack on Kendra Beebe in San Marcos, he intervened and was injured.

“I hadn’t seen Kendra in over a year, and it was just by chance that day that we started texting, and I decided to stop by her house on my way home. It was only about 15 minutes of conversation on her back porch before Mr. Malil walked in...with the eyes of the devil. Before he walked in, she was telling me about her ex-boyfriend [Malil] and how they had just broken up because of his possessiveness. He walks in quickly, wearing only shorts and a baseball cap, no shoes, no shirt, and I saw him lean into her, thinking he was hugging her...all of a sudden, she starts squirming and yelling for help.

“I immediately stand up and try to pry him off her, and I see the silver flash of the knife. I don’t have any fighting experience, nor do I even watch sports. I disarmed him by pulling on the blade with my hand, and he had the knife by the handle. Needless to say, I cut my hand up, but I knew if I don’t get this knife, I will probably end up dead. By the grace of God, I managed to remove the knife from his hand.... I threw it over the fence so that he couldn’t do any more harm.” Beebe was stabbed more than two dozen times.

On the 17th of last month, a Vista jury convicted Malil of attempted murder. “I feel empty about being part of such a crazy occurrence,” says Maldonado. “It’s nothing victorious, and many people lost in this situation. His family lost a son, brother, father. Kendra is scarred for life, and it has affected her whole family. My family is still in a surreal state about how my children could’ve ended up fatherless.”

Maldonado heads up a stage show called Noche de Pasión, which will have its last 2010 performance at Vista’s Moonlight Amphitheatre on October 23.

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What can you do if you KNOW someone lied on the witness stand as an outsider?? I'm sure he considers it a "small" lie, but it's a lie nonetheless. No wonder people don't trust the court system we have. If there's no recourse for bull$hit on the witness stand, there's no way to believe in "the system". Hummm....

Using your infamy as a trial witness to promote your musical show? That's low. "Oh, I'm such a hero. Come hear me play guitar!" PLEEEEEZE!

Hey now, that's uncalled for - Mr. Maldonado did no such thing. Blame ME for asking and writing about the trial. I happen to think his Noche de Pasión show is a terrific musical event, and I wanted to plug it. But since Blurt is not an "event preview" column, I had to write a news story apropos for the column, one which happens to end with a plug for the show.

About that show, the cast of musicians and dancers unfolds a hundred year history of Spanish and Flamenco guitar, a musical evolution that winds through Spain, Morocco, Egypt, Asia, and beyond.

“Our entire cast is full of star performers,” Maldonado told me when we talked. “Our cellist was just on Dancing With the Stars this past week, performing with Santana and India Arie. Timo is the best male Flamenco dancer in the U.S., according to the TV show So You Think You Can Dance, and our other dancers have choreographed for everyone from Prince to the Pussycat Dolls.”

As for his role as central guitarist, Maldonado said “Although it’s difficult for guitarists to be able to switch from classical, to Flamenco, to modern Spanish guitar, I was fortunate enough to learn all styles, growing up in a musical family with different techniques and tastes.”

I give the show my own two-thumbs-up, for whatever that's worth --- sorry that the Blurt column really isn't the place for such promotional stroking (tho the comment section is fair 'nuff game!)

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