Domesticated Fowl Dumped at Famosa Slough?

Famosa Slough is home to various wildlife species. As such, there has been a problem with people dumping unwanted birds and pets at the 37-acre wetland. During the years of residing near the slough, I have observed ducks, geese, and other fowl turn up along the shores.

In early September I discovered this unusual duck (pictured) and his mate, which looked befuddled and hungry. When I attempted to feed them some bread, the male duck made a beeline toward me — uncharacteristic behavior for a wild duck. It was then that I realized this was another dumped pet. Famosa Slough is owned and maintained by the City of San Diego. When the two new ducks suddenly disappeared, I feared the worst.

Recently, a Famosa Slough volunteer named Chet told me that some City maintenance workers were able to capture the male duck; it was taken to the animal shelter. No one knows what became of his mate.

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