Comedy Roadshow Rolls into Town

News out of Hollywood suggests that Tom Cruise is considering coming back for a Top Gun sequel. If that movie gets made, we'd all better hope it's nothing like the version Vince Vaughn and Kevin James presented to a sold-out Balboa Theatre.

Dressed as Maverick and Charlie, the actors re-created several scenes from the original, right in the heart of Fightertown USA. The sketches were part of the duo's "Comedy Roadshow" tour, which featured a variety of improv scenes. In addition to poking fun at Maverick and company, Vaughn and James kept up their ’80s love by recruiting A Christmas Story star Peter Billingsley to reenact a scene from Flashdance.

Though Vaughn and James were the bill's top draw, the standup comics featured throughout the evening were hardly filler. Steve Byrne managed to find fresh laughs in typically tired racial material, while Owen Benjamin entertained with an electric piano. "Great Balls of Fire" was not on Benjamin's set list, though after watching Vaughn and James faux-kiss earlier in the evening, the audience had probably had its fill of Top Gun.

Concert: Vince Vaughn & Kevin James Comedy Roadshow
Date: November 18
Venue: Balboa Theatre
Seats: Center Orchestra

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