Burglaries at Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Park in Escondido

In the second week of November, two units at Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Park were burglarized while residents were gone during the day. According to the manager for the park, only one street was targeted. She said the suspects live in the neighborhood and likely watched to see which residents were coming and going.

"They go to the door and knock," she said. "If you answer, they ask if you take the [news] paper. If you don't answer, they go through unlocked windows and doors, so please lock all your windows and doors before you leave home."

A resident said she was on her way to work when she realized she had forgotten her wedding rings. She went home to get them but they were already gone.

In both burglaries, the suspects took small pieces of jewelry left on top of dressers while more expensive pieces in jewelry boxes were left behind.

"The small pieces are easier to pawn," the manager said. She also mentioned that everyone on the block knows the thieves and are looking for them. They were described as a white male and a black female in their 20s. "They haven't been seen since the thefts," she said. "But we're going to get them. We know what his car looks like and we have the driver's license number he left when he picked up a pool key."

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If they have a drivers license number, why hasn't he been arrested already? Sounds like a slam dunk to me. Or is this another case of the EPD, always the competent police department, hard at work?

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