City Seeks Care for Canines' Canines

Forget the price of health insurance for its employees, the City of San Diego also has to deal with setting up a health and dental plan for its police dogs. According to a recently posted “request for quotation,” the City is looking for a veterinary office to provide total care of its canines for a year, with four yearlong extension options. “Dental service shall be available at a common facility which also provides medical and shall be located within 10 miles of Canine Headquarters, 4240 Federal Boulevard…There shall be an on-site Board Certified Dentist capable of performing on dogs: routine teeth cleaning and repair and guarantee that dental work will withstand bite-suit work.” In addition, “There shall be an on-site Board Certified Internal Medicine Veterinarian capable of treating emergencies (i.e. gunshot, stabbing, and/or other life threatening trauma cases).” Of course, this being police work, a few risks are entailed: “Staff shall have the ability to handle aggressive bite trained working police dogs.” And the dogs and their masters will require VIP treatment: The office must “provide an area isolated from the public for Officers to wait with their canine partners while in treatment recovery.”

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I clean the tarter build up off my dogs teeths myself, every couple of months. They need to be trained to sit back and let you do the HARD scrapping of their teeth. The back ones are the worst, and the front K-9's the second worst. I use a metal nail file and press down hard on the tarter and then scrap it-it chips the ultra hard tarted right off. Takes several scraps per tooth, but if you do it regularly the build up comes of easy.

Now, my adopted senior Put Bull arrived with AWFUL teeth. Her K-9's are completely ground down to a 1/4 of an inch and are partially broken. But I did scrap them, she didn't like it but put up with me. My Vet would not work on them because she said that Pit Bull teeth can go very far into the bone and she might hurt her if she extracted them, so she wanted me to go to a specialist in Orange County. It was too far,and I have not done anything with them since I adopted her June 13. She is sick right now and I hope it is not a problem related to her teeth and gums.....................

Nala went to the emergency vet clinic this norning, the pacing and staying up 30 hours in a row-twice-was too much.

Vet did blook work, looked OK, gave her a pain killer shot, and said it is pain from somwhere, but he does not think it is serious-but if it does not go away in another 48 hours time for x-rays. I have pain and anti inflamatory meds to cover for the next 5 days.

I hope she gets better soon, I love my senior pit bull, she is the best dog.

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