Of Sons and Ghosts Are Extreme Music Lovers

Of Sons and Ghosts are based in North Park and played their debut gig in May 2010. “The band is named after the recent departure of three of our most influential father figures,” says singer-keyboardist Lane Dawson. “Our music is lo-fi, with a shoegazer kind of vibe.”

According to singer-guitarist Danny Medina, “The five of us are extreme music lovers, and our tastes are very similar, but there’s a wide range of influences.”

Singer-guitarist Barry Ligman describes the band’s music as “ambient, indie-noise garage rock, like a gentle melody quickly disrupted with distortion and controlled noise.”

“We love the contrast of something beautiful over something chaotic,” says singer-bassist Brian Grover. “Whether it be dark lyrics over a tranquil sound or a light falsetto sung over a heavy, distorted wall of sound.”

Drummer Adam Eidson puts it this way: “It’s about finding that unique sound, the niche, that will allow us to stand out.”


Lane Dawson:

1) “I’m really into the Black Keys’ new album Brothers.”

2) “I love anything Dan Auerbach puts out.”

3) “A.A. Bondy is a great songwriter, and his newest album, When the Devil’s Loose, makes me want to write songs.”

4) “I always have a heavy dose of Constantines in rotation.”

Danny Medina:

1) “The Deftones, Diamond Eyes, because the vocals and drums are amazing.”

2) “Spoon, Transference, for the super-cool, raw production.”

3) “Les Savy Fav, Let’s Stay Friends, because those guys really get it!”

Barry Ligman:

1) “Arcade Fire, The Suburbs, because all of their albums have inspired me.”

2) “Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago, because I want that falsetto.”

3) “Delta Spirit, History from Below. Just feels good.”

4) “The Constantines, Kensington Heights, though I’m afraid they’ve broken up.”

5) “The Walkmen, who I saw last year, and I’ve really gotten into them.”

Adam Eidson:

1) “The Dead Weather’s Horehound album, because it just gets under my skin.”

2) “The Sword, Age of Winters. So thick that I can’t help but love it.”

3) “My Hank Williams Sr. albums are in constant rotation. There’s no denying his genius when it comes to simple Americana.”

4) “Morphine’s Cure for Pain, because I’m a sucker for really happy music.”

5) “Muddy Waters’s Anthology album, because, if you think about it, there wouldn’t be anything without the blues.”

Brian Grover:

1) “Band of Horses, Infinite Arms, because of his voice.”

2) “Transfer, Future Selves, for the songs, which are brilliant.”

3) “Radiohead, In Rainbows, since they’re the best band ever.”

4) “Them Crooked Vultures, their self-titled album, because I’m pretty sure they moved rock music a bit further ahead with that record.”


Medina: “Is ‘It’s Raining Men’ an embarrassing song to have on one’s iPod? No? Then I guess I don’t have one.”

Ligman: “There’s a reason for everything in there, but John Denver always gets the most remarks. At least he’s not full of shit.”

Eidson: “Any Foo Fighters.”

Grover: “Mariah Carey. Hey, that bitch can sing!”


Dawson: “Prince Albert and His Bedazzled Coin Purse.”

Medina: “The Bubble Puppy is both best and worst, but mostly best.”

Ligman: “Nashville Pussy. Worst is probably Skinny Puppy or Tampon Death.”

Eidson: “John Cougar Concentration Camp.”

Grover: “The Rolling Stones.”


Dawson: “Trail of Dead in 2000 at the Casbah. I had already heard of their live show, which has tamed a bit over the years, but when you see guitars thrown against the walls, drums smashed, bottles broken, hands bleeding, and blood rubbed on ceilings, that’s an amazing show.”

Medina: “Kiss in 1984, with my dad and brother in Fresno. I was in fourth grade — need I say more?”

Ligman: “I’d say Sigur Rós at the Civic Center. Their art show that accompanies that beautiful music is amazing.”

Eidson: “The best I’ve seen in a long time would have to be when Dead Weather played at the House of Blues downtown last July. I was mesmerized.”

Grover: “Roger Waters at Coachella in 2006. He re-created almost every classic moment of Pink Floyd, including the giant inflatable pig and a two-story-high prism with a light reflected through it, panning the crowd, like the Dark Side of the Moon.” ■

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Outtakes: EVER BEEN INJURED ONSTAGE? LD: “I stepped on a nail at 14 Below in L.A. They really should construct the stage better.” DM: “Only when I do back flips and splits.” BL: “Danny hurt my feelings once.” AE: “I had a door fall on me once. These guys were getting high backstage and broke it. It fell on me during a song, but I never dropped a beat.” BG: “My neck f-cking hurts the next day after a show. Every time.”

WORST MOVIE? LD: “Jason Vs Freddy. I’m not sure why I thought it would be different.” AE: “Ghost Dad with Bill Cosby. If Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable can’t make you laugh, no one can.” BG: “That one with Will Smith.”

BEST THING YOU EVER WON? LD: “I won a $10 scratcher once.” DM: “I won Fantasy Football eight years ago, that was cool.” BL: “I won a pretty good wife. Not sure how.” AE: “I won a shotgun once. Only in America” BG: “Two tickets to see Bright Eyes..I didn't get it then, but I do now.”

WHAT’S YOUR POISON? LD: “Don Julio 1942.” DM: “I heart IPAs” BL: “Moscow Mule.” AE: “Life.” BG: “Knob creek on the rocks.”

WHAT’S ON YOUR BUCKET LIST TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE? LD: “Just checked it off, thanks.” BL: “Be content.” AE: “Shoot the bucket to pieces.” BG: “Have as much sex as possible.”

ANY FEARS OR PHOBIAS? LD: “Pogonophobia, a fear of beards.” DM: “Phobophobia. I fear phobias.” BL: “Glossophobia. I don’t wanna talk about it.” AE: “Questionnaires.” BG: “That nobody ever hears my music.”

MOST POOR YOU’VE EVER BEEN? LD: “I moved to Nashville out of college with whatever fit in my truck.” DM: “What’s the date today?” BL: “In my 20s, I had a lot of bad debts.” AE: “I was living in a bunkhouse with about 40 other people, making $50 a week and working full time. Now that’s broke.” BG: “When I was 26 years old, I had $25,000 in gambling debt, another $30,000 in car and school bills.”

MOST VISITED WEBSITES? LD: “Stereogum is a great place to find new music.” DM: “Beardsandbellies.com has everything you need to know. It’s like the Onion meets Perez Hilton, but for men.” BL: “WWTDD.com, MSNBC, Yahoo, and Paste Magazine.” AE: “YouTube, because I can find anything there.” BG: “Yahoo, Pornorama, and MSN.”

THREE THINGS WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU? LD: “I was number 51 in People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in 2005, I have never bungeed off the Eiffel Tower, and I have never been to the Eiffel Tower.” DM: “I secretly hate -- but say I like -- all reality shows that my wife likes, I was the camera guy in the movie Bring it On, and a Brazilian girl once told me I look like a Jewish Viking.” BL: “I have webbed toes, I sleep all day, and I’m the greatest.” AE: “I love sweater vests, I can’t stand the way peas feel in my mouth, and I’ve been an illegal alien twice.” BG: “I’m making a solo album under the name Grover, I’d rather go the symphony than the bar, and I have a sister I don’t talk to.”

I've seen these guys live and they're amazing. The music draws you in. It's nice when band members (like these guys) can have a such a great sense of humor among themselves too. Their new music is going in such a refreshing, new direction and I can't wait to hear the album as a whole, let alone what they have planned in the future.

Great interview. You can tell these guys don't take themselves to seriously. Can't wait for the album to come out. This is definitely a band on the rise.

This interview gives a great snap shot of just how great this group of guys are, not only musically, but personally. I promise you that you will not be disappointed by their tunes. I already liked their recordings, but seeing them live gives you that added level of love that only some can aspire to provide. OSOG is the one and only local band that I will ride the bus for over an hour just to go see. As a musician myself, the best compliment I can give is, they have the heart, the drive, and the talent to go as far as they want!

I'd have to say that this is the best band in San Diego. Dynamic, full of energy, fun to watch with unique musicianship. As soon as the word gets out, the sky is the limit for these folks.

A blast of dynamics all up in your grill. You like other popular san diego bands who sound like the killers? Go see this band, they will knock your socks off.

The first time I heard the new songs I was just blown away.What a great sound! Dan’s guitar sounds like its floating around the room and the Lane in falsetto go so well with the pounding tribal beats. LOVE IT! I agree the sky is the limit for OSAG. I would love to hear more about this band, like is Brian single and ready to mingle? He sounds just dreamy.

The first time I heard the new songs I was just blown away.What a great sound! Dan’s guitar sounds like its floating around the room and Lane in falsetto go so well with the pounding tribal beats. LOVE IT! I agree the sky is the limit for OSAG. I would love to hear more about this band, like is Brian single and ready to mingle? He sounds just dreamy.

Thanks for the interview JAS. Its great what you do for the local scene.

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