Reinventing Nautical Disaster

“There were a lot of extenuating circumstances that led to the death of Nautical Disaster, both private and public,” writes Berkeley Kent Austin, singer-guitarist for San Diego psych-rockers Heart Beat Trail.

In April of this year, after four years and four albums, Nautical Disaster played their last show at the Tin Can Ale House. The band’s breakup came months after bassist and backup singer Jaye Furlonger left the band. The Austin-Furlonger collaboration wasn’t the first — the two played in the Daffodils before forming Nautical Disaster in 2006 — though, it sounds as if it will be the last.

“We came to a rather abrupt and unexpected fork in the road musically and personally,” says Austin. “She went high, I went low, and never the twain shall meet. In the end, I was mostly unmotivated to continue to write [new music] for the band and wanted...reinvention.”

Out of the wreckage, Austin formed Heart Beat Trail. And although the band has the same members as Nautical Disaster, minus Furlonger, any musical similarities are hard to find.

In their search for “reinvention,” Nautical Disaster guitarist Damian Delgado opted to play bass, and bassist Matt Nelson moved over to the drums, joining Jason Lewis as part of the band’s drum duo.

The change in roles resulted in a change in tempos and a different style of music. “Nautical Disaster was a rock-and-roll band with some blues thrown in,” writes Austin. “With the Heart Beat Trail, we are expanding those tendencies, slowing things down, and exploring the sonic landscape.”

Austin considers the band more atmospheric, likening the songs to those that would “sound good coming from a cave deep in the Himalayas while some Yeti were getting their groove on.”

And as for the band’s decision to use two drummers. “[Nelson] really wanted to get back to playing drums,” writes Austin. “He has a drum pad that he can key in different sounds and effects that just put the songs over the top.”

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Nautical Disaster


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Thanks, Dorian, for a real sweetheart article! Those interested in hearing what The Heart Beat Trail are all about, please direct yourself here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/the-Heart-Beat-Trail/130310267008848

Former Nautical Disaster/Daffodils bassist Jaye Furlonger - now married and known as Jaye MacAskill - currently plays in the comedic rock band Pony Death Ride, alongside hubby Joe MacAskill. Their Reader page includes an MP3 for their song "I Think My Boyfriend's Gay for Morrissey."


Mr. Sanford's Comment is not endorsed by The Heart Beat Trail.

The Heart Beat Trail is not Nautical Disaster. I hope Jay, in the future you will refrain from tying in any past associations with them. Let's all move forward shall we?

And please, no comments about Trophy Wife associations.

It's a newspaper, guys, not a fan club newsletter - nothing wrong with letting the paper's readers know what the other Daffodil/Nautical native is up to.

Former Daffodils singer/guitarist Ben Jerman spent the next three post-breakup years playing guitar and writing dozens of songs in his North Park home, delving into twangy Americana sounds with a hint of Kinks-inspired rock. In 2009, with guitarist Alex Jones and bassist Bianca Batti (both of Monsters from Mars), he cofounded the group Little Fowl. John Commune, singer and guitarist for the John Foothills Band, joined on drums, and Andrew Geldmeier, former guitarist for the Apes of Wrath [now known as New Mexico], played organ.

Let me be crystal clear, Mr. Sanford. The time surrounding my decision to break up Nautical Disaster was not a very nice time. There was a lot of hurt and depression and all around not very fun stuff happening. On both sides of the break, I'm sure. But that is what I meant by "personal." Now, knowing you are fairly privy to the circumstances, I can only surmise you are here to stir up some black pot of your own devising. I'm pretty sure Mr. Hargrove's intentions were pure. Yours seem to be a little shady. And your promotion of Little Fowl, of whom I am an unabashed fan, seems to come a tad too late. Why weren't they mentioned in your Grand Promotion of all things Jaye Furlonger, except that perhaps you realized how untoward your initial unwanted intrusion was. No, this ain't a Fan Club Newsletter but I'd hardly count your contributions as anything but a twisted attempt at causin' trouble.

Breakups rarely bring pleasant memories - but please don't let your clearly-stated bitterness cause you to mistake mere reporting for "causin' trouble." Just because you get some ink, doesn't mean you own the page --

I had to poke around a bit for the update info RE Ben Jerman, while the Furlonger info had already been entered in the Reader's Local Music Database, else I would have posted the updates closer together. Presently, the entries on the Daffodils, Nautical Disaster, Little Fowl AND Heart Beat Trail have all been updated with the most current info at hand.





It's all just part of our ongoing efforts to provide the most encyclopedic -- and unbiased -- local music resource on the web. Nobody's playing favorites, at least on the Reader's end - "facts is facts," after all.

Best of luck with the new endeavor!

Oh, just stop, please. First, your links don't work. Second, it took me all of one second to find the article Mr. Hargrove wrote on "Little Fowl." http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/20... Third, that you keep at this charade is, well, sickening. There is no "bitterness" on my part. "The Heart Beat Trail" is some of the most exciting and soul fulfilling work I've ever been involved with. Bitterness has no place here. But there are residues of sadness. You want to keep on poking? Well, go ahead. At some point, though, don't be surprised when that stick is taken away from you. I would appreciate it if our "Band Page" was removed as it is incorrect. In fact, with all apologies to Mr. Hargrove, please don't mention us again. We'll be fine. I assure you.

=sigh= Nobody's "poking." Anybody/everybody (else) can read the Local Music Database entries on all four bands, and see all the reporting is fair and unbiased. As are all the comments here, other than a couple of non-staff comments clearly flavored by sour grapes -- there's nothing sinister about a newspaper posting updated info about the various players referenced in our articles.

There are over 2,000 local bands and 5,000 musicians in the Local Music Database. We're not gonna pretend a band or player ceased to exist, just because a former bandmate bristles at the mere mention of their name and/or their current endeavors. If you want to see something in the Reader or on the website that only mentions what you WANT it to mention, buy an ad ---

Regarding the faulty links, the Reader just instituted a new comment thread program that's kicking up a bit of malfunction dirt all over the website, especially with links (note your own Little Fowl link also failed - see, it's not a conspiracy!) - those glitches will be ironed out shortly.

Meanwhile, interested parties can enter any band name in the "search" field, and enjoy our encyclopedic up-to-date bios, discographies, playable MP3s, event listings, and links to related material all over the Reader site.

The amount of Bull Hockey that spews from your fingertips is truly amazing. Well done, Jay Allen, well done. Anybody/Everybody reading the article would be hard pressed to misconstrue some inappropriateness with your initial comment. If this is your idea of "unbiased" then I definitely have no qualms in requesting our removal from your "Band Page." It can't be that hard. As I am not a Plastic Surgeon or a Dancing Girl I cannot afford to buy an Ad. But if I could it would say, simply, "..."

Feel free to submit suggested revisions for any Local Music Database page featuring any band you perform with - below are the urls enabling you to do so. In the event any links malfunction, feel free to hit my "contact" button, or reach me at [email protected], and I'll send you the urls directly.

To add or change text, photos, album info and graphics, etc, go to http://www.sandiegoreader.com/band/edit

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I look forward to checking out upcoming music from ALL the still-extant bands mentioned during this dialogue!

That includes the briefly-referenced Trophy Wife, which has included current Heart Beat Trail members Matt Nelson and Jason Lewis, as well as Pony Death Ride singer/guitarist Joe MacAskill, who formerly played with Skunk Drunk and Big Wheel Wipeout.

Pony Death Ride Rocks Your Lame Ass!

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