Bonnie’s Bud Brigade a Bust?

Donna Lambert, facing seven felonies for selling marijuana to an undercover officer with a doctor's recommendation, accepted a plea deal on May 27 and will avoid jail time.

Lambert's case is the third of three medical marijuana prosecutions pursued by San Diego County district attorney Bonnie Dumanis's office in the wake of Operation Green Rx, a multi-agency sweep of San Diego collectives dating back to 2008. Defendants in the other cases — Jovan Jackson and Eugene Davidovich — were acquitted.

"It's not a victory; it's kind of a draw," Lambert told me outside the courtroom. She said she still believes she never broke the law. Lambert was arrested in her home in February 2009, after what she called "a SWAT-style raid."

A medical marijuana patient at the time, Lambert was operating a home-delivery-focused collective. On two occasions, she sold a quarter-ounce of marijuana to a man with a valid doctor's recommendation who turned out to be an undercover cop.

Charged with seven felonies, Lambert faced up to four years in jail. Per Lambert's plea deal, six felonies were dismissed immediately, and the seventh will be dropped at an October sentencing hearing, leaving only a misdemeanor possession charge on her record.

Lambert first took medical marijuana to relieve side effects from chemotherapy. Today, she suffers from chronic pain. She showed me a big bottle of oxycodone pills that doctors prescribed along with Ambien to help her sleep more comfortably (though she prefers marijuana brownies, finding them safer and more effective).

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I want to thank Shane Finneran for coming to my hearing and writing this article. It is so important for the public to be important for people to understand the politics of medical marijuaan in San Diego.

Most of the article was correct, he just had one detail reversed. It should have said that I previously used a combination of Ambian and Oxycodone in order to sleep, but I normally forgo that and use about 1/2 a marijuana brownie instead. I find the edible form of marijuana much more effective, it allows me to sleep through the night, and with the use of marijuana, I am much safer as marijuana does not affect the brainstem which controls breathing and heartrate. Marijuana is a safe and effective alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Also, people have asked me as to the question of revoking any of my medical marijuana rights.

There was no attempt by the DA or the judge to question my medical marijuana rights at all. I have extensive health issues and recommendations from 5 doctors. My medical marijuana rights are intact and respected.

Thanks again, Shane, for this article. Donna Lambert

Donna Lambert is inspiring. I am appalled at District Atty Bonnie Dumanis' action, and going after Ms Lambert with a pathetic snitch is a waste of our resources, and smacks of a witch-hunt.

Upon opening my vote-by-mail ballot, and feeling that the (unchallenged) Bonnie Dumanis did not deserve my vote -- I "wrote in" someone else for County DA -- Donna Lambert.

Is the judicial system seriously continuing this pathetic witch hunt for people, like Donna Lambert, who are only trying to medicate themselves non-pharmaceutically? Seven felonies is absolutely ludicrous when people are using and cooking methamphetamines under San Diego's nose.

San Diego County should be disappointed in itself for hiring someone who targets individuals trying to wean themselves off of opiates and depressents like Oxycodone and Ambien. Do your homework, District Attorney. These people want to soothe their bodily pains with a plant and not a proven highly addictive substance. DA Bonnie Dumanis, produce some testicular fortitude, and being in the position you are, have the ability to prosecute people who are not patients.

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