In a letter last week titled ­”Where’s the Okra?” the writer referred to remarks that Naomi Wise had made about Indigo Grill in her April 29 restaurant review. It was Indigo Café, not Indigo Grill, that Wise wrote ­about.

Frankie? Frankie Who?

No doubt that KPBS coddles certain establishment business and political pooh-bahs. It obviously, too, has a bias against the Reader, which I and certainly many other readers of the Reader would like to see fleshed out in an article. But ­c’mon: quoting someone using a posting moniker of “Frankie” slamming KPBS to buttress your point is very poor journalistic practice (“Under the Radar,” May 20). For all anyone knows, “Frankie” could be a Reader employee, a fed-up KPBS employee, or even Matt Potter himself. The point is, we ­don’t know. The right thing is to do a legitimate story or opinion piece on the many shortcomings of KPBS news coverage. ­I’m sure there are lots of credible sources. It would be an educational piece for many, many ­people.

Jon Komats
via email

Triple Play

Bravo and kudos to three wonderful articles (May 13)— David ­Adler’s “Northing Normal,” Donald ­Breese’s “Old Men in Chula Vista,” and Carl E. ­Krueger’s “Baklava for Breakfast.” All were beautifully written, engaging, and captivating. Best of all, they expressed the humanity of the writers and the people they dealt with. The best Reader ever!

Anne Schraff
Spring Valley

Just Do It

Re ­”Don’t Look Down” (Cover Story, May 6). Thanks for the great article. All three of my children took Mr. ­Benjamin’s class; in fact, every one of my ­children’s friends attended Mr. ­Benjamin’s class. It was just something you did, like going to ­school.

Lori Wyman
via email

College? Students? Costs? Phooey!

The writer Joe Deegan failed to point out that the tuition price is far below the price of an apartment or other shared living in San Diego or what is used on consumer goods (“A Low-Budget Way to Higher Education,” “City Lights,” May 6). The overcrowding for extra dollars drives the prices up and crowds out the quality of life in San Diego. The university students spend too little on an education. The university model is broken. There are still way too many subjects and programs that needed to be cut out from empire-building staff as of 30 years ago. The cost to the taxpayers is about triple what the students pay for an education each ­year.

And college students spend far too much on their consumer toys, fun, expensive food, beasty products, clothes, and Club Med–type services at campuses for their own gratification. Eighty-five percent do not belong in or need any four-year university education, much of which is advanced babysitting for lifetime staff employment. ­It’s an outdated model that needed changing 40 years ­ago.

Name Withheld by Request
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I'd like to Mention, that Walter Menchen deserves a "tip of the hat" for his "Chub Scrub (S.D. ON THE Q.T.) May 27, 2010 piece which was GREAT "News" indeed.

PLEASE provide a way to blog support for these "Almost Factual News" items as it provided a rare glimpse into the "Bitchin" lifestyle that is or should be what the San Diego beach scene is all about (like the surfer's notice on Wind-N-Sea's seawall: Tourist Go Home (leave your daughter's)!

Dare I say tongue in cheek, these daze?

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