The Attack!! Retreats

“We’re leaving San Diego to live in Austin, Texas,” says singer-guitarist Ivan Tamayo of the Attack!!, an electro-dance-punk trio with two guitarists and a drummer. “San Diego just has no love for local music. There are so many people that talk about supporting local music, yet I don’t see it.”

Formed in 2008, the band played their first gig at L.A.’s Viper Room, self-releasing their debut single “Dancefloor” the following year. “The cost of living was also a big factor in leaving,” says Tamayo, who grew up in Ensenada and formerly played with Kiss Me Katelynn and Suspect Jones. “I’ve been in San Diego for 29 years, Mitch [Scott, guitar] for at least 10 years, and Bryan [Famous, drums] has been here for 4 years. Austin has a love for what we have to offer.... People in San Diego just want DJs, reggae, and soft indie folk rock.”

Tamayo cites one particularly unpleasant gig at the Ken Club. “The other two bands canceled, and the sound guy reeked of weed and did not know how to mike us or put vocals into my monitor mix without feedback. He even dozed off during the set.”

Also saying goodbye is Carlsbad metalcore band Destroy the Runner, which announced an “indefinite hiatus” last week. According to a group statement, “We have sought to maintain musical integrity and honesty within all facets of our functioning and unfortunately are not able to do so at this point in time.

“Keep on the lookout for a softer, more experimental project with Nick Maldonado [guitar], Duane Reed [guitar, vocals], Marc Kohlbry [drums], Jeremiah Crespo [bass], and several others called Other Mountains. Also check out Chapter 14 with Chad Ackerman [vocals] and Tanner Sparks [bass, vocals].”

After two albums and two EPs, Nautical Disaster is splitting up. The split comes shortly after female bassist Jaye Furlonger left the band, just as their second album Amantes Amentes was released, featuring cover art that appears to depict a mostly nude female being paper-trained like a puppy.

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Singer/songwriter Brenda Xu is also saying goodbye to San Diego, with a May 26 farewell show at Lestat's, before she moves next month to Seattle.

Thanks for the shout-out, Jay! Good article about the Attack!! I sympathize with them. San Diego spends a lot of time touting itself as an important music mecca, but the predictable lack of attendance at local shows is a well-kept, dirty secret that virtually no one ever talks about. Most bands don't like to admit how few people actually go to their shows or buy their cds -- it's embarrassing, but sometimes the silence surrounding this issue can feel almost cult-like.

Thanks for the send-off, Jaye. I mean, Jay. For what it's worth, the cover is a direct nod to the popular Japanese horror film, "Ringu." No, "Smell the Glove" moment. Some people like it. Some people don't. Most everyone I spoke to had a strong reaction which is all one can ask for. I found it to be a pretty interesting Rorschach Test. San Diego is a tough scene but I'm not moving anywhere so I'll continue to try and make the best of it. The last lineup of Nautical Disaster is staying together and working on a new Musical Project. Details when available...

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