Coyote Hungry

A recent rash of cat disappearances in the area around Famosa Slough have caused much heartache for pet owners. Outdoor cats have vanished without a trace.

A talk with “Chet” — a gentleman who lives nearby and helps maintain Famosa Slough — brought to light the fact that a coyote lives somewhere within the wetland preserve. It has been glimpsed by some but remains elusive.

Chet noted that he has seen it early in the morning and that cat skeletons have been found. He insists that the coyote has every right to live there and forage for food among the well-fed cats and critters near by.

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People with "outdoor cats" don't really care much about their well-being. There are many hazards besides coyotes; cars, loose dogs, evil children.

I have seen many birds of prey at the slough, including horned owls and red-tailed hawks. Both of these predators can and will take cats. In fact, feral cats have replaced bunnies in many urban canyons.

People who let their cats roam outdoors don't know the havoc they cause for smaller wildlife. Songbirds, small reptiles and mammals (including bunnies) suffer heavy losses from the sheer numbers of outdoor and feral cats.

So, if you have an outdoor cat, know that nature has a funny way of getting even for all the wildlife your kitty has slaughtered. Payback is a beeyotch.

By the way, cat isn't bad in tacos, either...here, kitty kitty kitty!

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