Throw Me a Metaphor

While Poison front man Bret Michaels recovers from a potentially fatal brain hemorrhage, San Diego writer-psychic David Moye recalls interviewing the L.A.-based rocker in 2007, after which he says he gave Michaels a psychic reading.

“We talked a little bit about his band’s new record, his reality show, and various other projects.” At the time, Moye was employed as an editor by Wireless Flash, a news service. He says he contacted Michaels by phone from the Flash offices in Hillcrest.

That year, VH1 announced that Michaels would be the bachelor star of Rock of Love, a reality-format TV show with the main goal of hooking up Michaels with a significant other.

“He’s into rock,” says Moye, “and he’s into love.”

Moye says he wrote a story based on the interview. “He’s hilarious. I’m not a big-hair-rock fan, but I’ve found that heavy-metal guys are great interviews. They like the weird questions,” he says, “as opposed to some of the people [I’ve interviewed] who were more tight-assed.”

Michaels also appeared as a contestant on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice in an effort to raise money for type 1 diabetes, a disease Michaels has suffered since childhood. Doctors think that diabetes is the likely cause of the internal bleeding at the base of the brain that caused Michaels to suffer a stroke.

Days before his stroke, on April 12, the 47-year-old pop star had an emergency appendectomy, also thought to be diabetes-related.

“I told Michaels that 2007 would be a good year for accentuating independence but that he’d feel like he was surfing a tidal wave and that he was the only one not falling off the board. He said, ‘Oh, my God! I was just telling my secretary that it’s really strange out there, like I’m surfing on some tidal wave.’ He threw my metaphor right back at me.”

In the early ’90s, Moye was employed by a psychic call center, the Psychic Friends Network, off of Fairmount Avenue in City Heights. “I had some experience as a psychic, and I knew just enough to be dangerous.” Moye says Michaels wanted to know if he was going to find true love on his reality show.

“ ‘No,’ I said, ‘but you’re going to find out how many people love you.’ He said, ‘Well, I can live with that.’ ”

Moye says he did not predict the current health trauma Michaels has suffered but says he was dead-on about the man’s television love life. Thus far, none of Michaels’s Rock of Love romances have lasted.

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Now he's back in the hospital because of a heart attack.

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