Ephemeral Eon

Minneapolis-based indie folkster Luke Redfield's debut speaks of wanderings both spiritual and geographical. The collection of transcendental travel songs tells the story of a modern seeker probing for truth within and abroad and ultimately finding love at home in Minnesota.

Upbeat "Down the Line" is the anthem-to-be for the bright-eyed transient (aren't we all?) youth of today, celebrating the simple joys of existence, adventure, and self-discovery, singing: "I was born an American, but now I'm free!"

"You Are Not Your Body" serves as a gentle reminder to avoid identification with the fleeting attachments of the world. "I am not my country, not my homeland. I exist in every grain of sand."

The haunting, somber "Zanzibar" tells of the vast emptiness behind the material world. Redfield laments and celebrates the Void, saying: "Such a lonesome place apart from your true face, the one you had before your parents were born."

Drawing insight from Stephen Hawking, Rumi, Ken Wilber, Buddha, John Lennon, and Christ, Redfield is a compassionate visionary who strives to reinvent the American Myth through actualization of the self. His candid sound has been compared to Mason Jennings, Iron & Wine, M Ward, and Townes Van Zandt.

  • Album: Ephemeral Eon (2010)
  • Artist: Luke Redfield
  • Label: Dream Song Records
  • Songs: (1) Down the Line (2) Silent Afternoon (3) Grateful Man (4) The Night I Slept Outside (5) Find Me in the Light (6) In the Clover (7) Who's Gunna Hold You? (8) Zanzibar (9) Gypsy Goddess (10) With You in MPLS (11) You Are Not Your Body (12) Coeur d'Alene (13) Six Billion Names

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