Story of a Pole

Back in October, a frequenter of the Starbucks on Linda Vista Road and Napa Street wrote to Donna Frye, city council representative for that area. He inquired about the disused 20-foot pole standing across the street from the coffee house. It had nothing attached; not a telephone wire, power line, light fixture, or camera. It just stood there bare naked, in all its ugliness, for the world to see. Could it be removed?

A fortnight later, he received word from Keith Corry, of Ms. Frye's office. Word was that an undergrounding project had taken place, but one wire, attached to that pole, had been missed by the utility. Eventually the wire was removed, but the pole wasn't.

Ms. Frye's office would take care of it. It took a half year, but today the intersection is blight-free. Well, improved, anyhow.

Perhaps Ms. Frye's responsiveness will inspire the council rep for Mission Bay Park to get rid of the even taller naked pole straight east of 3650 Crown Point Drive, at water's edge.

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