Into the Path

An accident involving two cars occurred at the intersection of San Vicente Road and Arena Drive on March 30.

According to several witnesses, Barbara Bremer, 80, drove her Pontiac Grand Am into the intersection and directly into the path of a westbound Ford Expedition. The other vehicle, driven by Heather Rufchak, 34, struck Bremer's car, sending it into a spin and onto a curb where it then hit a fence.

Rufchak and her two-year-old daughter appeared to be okay and were driven home by a friend. Bremer was taken to the hospital with what appeared to be minor injuries.

“There wasn’t anything I could do!” explained Rufchak. “She was sitting at the stop sign and when I got over there [gesturing to the skid marks before the intersection] she just pulled out.... [My daughter] was crying, so I was afraid she was hurt. I’ve never been so scared.”

According to a CHP official at the scene, witnesses’ statements matched that of Rufchak’s. Though Bremer has not yet given testimony, according to the officer, there isn’t any evidence of drugs, alcohol, or cell phone use that would point to a reason for Bremer's poor judgment.

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