Bin Booty

Portland's nice nice opened up the Casbah with polyrhythmic percussion over loops, noise effects, and synth. A samba troupe wanders into a Neu! concert covering a Glenn Branca piece. More sound than music, the dancey neo-no-wave set demonstrated minimalism gone maximalist. Not once was the natural timbre issued from the guitar. Avant-garde gets over itself and drops the beat.

The Hood Internet spins mash-ups. I do my best to loathe the Night at the Roxbury abandon of it all but acquiesce to the dance floor when "Billy Jean" mashes over Ratatat.

Tobacco and fellow BMSR member, Seven Fields of Aphelion, hide in the shadows while homemade video streams on the projector next to a Chat Roulette window. Richard Simmons, ’80s wrestling, bizarre porn, girls blowing bubbles with eyes blocked out.

"There's something very fucked up about ’80s workout videos," Tobacco says. "You have fat, hairy people telling you to be thin."

I offer the metaphor of the American Dream. "Yeah, that's about right."

"Black Moth Super Rainbow is all the fake hippy shit," Tobacco continues. "This is more of the dark, real side."

How he found the clip of an E.T.-themed porn? "A whole lot of bin digging."

  • Concert: nice nice, the Hood Internet, Tobacco
  • Show date: March 24
  • Venue: Casbah
  • Seats: Dance floor

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