Dragon's Drool

On the evening of March 24, a group of 30 people enjoyed the antics of two flame-juggling acrobats on the sand adjacent to the Pacific Beach boardwalk.

The flame-throwers, John and Anton, met eight months ago at a nearby pizza place. They’ve been performing together ever since.

The two had an arsenal of equipment, including fire torches, juggling clubs, stilts, and a flammable liquid, the ingredients of which they refused to reveal. When I asked what the fluid was, Anton said, “We call it ‘dragon’s drool.’ We’re not going to tell you what the real stuff is ‘cause that’s how people get hurt.” Then, John turned to the crowd and said, “Yeah, and don’t try this at home.”

Anton climbed up on John’s shoulders and toyed with the crowd, creating anticipation before he performed what he called his “back-flipping fire-breath.” The impressive stunt was followed by loud cheers, much clapping, and several high-fives. "Have a beautiful night...welcome to California," yelled Anton, and the crowd chanted, "California! California!"

“I’ve seen them here before… last summer,” said Gary, a regular boardwalk runner. “The coolest thing is when the light from their flames reflects off the windows of that hotel over there,” he said, pointing toward the Best Western Sea Lodge. “It makes it look like the whole place is on


For video of the act, click here

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