Howard Stern of San Diego

“Today we’re launching San Diego Online Radio,” says Dale Seibert, who describes himself as its main guy — owner, producer, program director, and head of marketing.

“It’s the new voice of San Diego,” he says. “We’re organizing a network of local businesses and magazines and media companies, and they are all featuring their own online radio shows.” He says his goal is to get local movers and shakers talking on the internet via online radio. Topics will range from real estate to local music, health, healing, restaurants, cooking — one’s imagination is the limit.

“We’re open to anything. Online radio is not regulated [by the Federal Communications Commission],” says Seibert

The sort of format that Seibert ascribes to sounds a lot like the FM talk radio of old, in which airtime was sold to anyone with an idea and the ability to execute it. San Diego Online Radio is likewise selling hours of its web-radio airtime. The fee?

“It’s always different,” Seibert says. “It depends on who it is and what they’re bringing to the table. But in that hour, you have the opportunity to bring in your own sponsors.” San Diego Online Radio, for the record, has sponsors of its own, including Red Bull and Corona. “Perfect for our demographic,” he says, “which is 21 to 45.”

Seibert says he has been webcasting for about seven years. Along with today’s launch, San Diego Online Radio has taken up a new studio inside what was Hard Rock’s downtown leasing office and is part of a collective called the Industry Showroom. Fellow entrepreneurs include a florist, a stylist, a seller of musical instruments, a laser engraver, and a fine artist who makes prints by applying paint to nude (or nearly nude) women’s bodies and then having them rub up against a blank canvas.

In addition to wearing all of the hats in San Diego Online Radio, Seibert also hosts his own show. “I’m the Howard Stern of San Diego,” he says. “We’re fun and edgy. You never know what we’re gonna say next.” Seibert’s version of Stern can be heard every Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. at sdonlineradio.com.

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If by "Howard Stern of San Diego,” you mean garbage quality, flat out lies about listenership, and and phony baloney marketing pyramid scheme- then the desription is accurate.

This reject tried to sell me the biggest scam I've ever seen. Run San Diego run.

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