Southern Exposure

At around 2:00 p.m. on March 14, a man in a hospital gown was stopped by sheriff‘s deputies at the corner of Santa Fe Drive and San Elijo Avenue. Two deputies talked with the man for awhile, all the while ensuring that his exposed backside faced away from passing traffic.

The deputies were alerted to his whereabouts after he had walked into a store across the street from Scripps Memorial Hospital, about four blocks east of San Elijo Avenue. The sheriff’s department contacted the hospital and was told that the man had been seen by medical personnel and subsequently discharged. “They didn’t need him to come back”, said a sheriff’s spokesperson.

Eventually, the man was placed in the back of a patrol car. A deputy on the scene said, “We’re just trying to get him home safely.” The spokesperson confirmed that the man had not been arrested.

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Okay, say the guy owns a hospital gown, and puts it on at home, you know, saving the hospital some precious time. Thoughtful of him. He walks to the hospital, they do their thing, and tell him he's good to go. So he goes, stops by the convenience store for some Slim Jim's and a bottle of Coke. Then the cops come and give him a ride home. Cool.

But say the guy goes to the hospital fully dressed, changed into the gown and gets checked, and then discharged. And, he "forgets" to get dressed and, you know, goes to the store, wanders around, spilts and goes down the street. Cops call the hospital, which says, "Oh, no, he's good to go." Um. No, he really wasn't.

Weird stuff is weird.

Okay, that the most hilarious post I've ever had for one of my stories.

I agree, except: "...wanders around, spilts and goes down the street." Huh? on stilts? Spilt something? ;)

It's old hippie language. To "split" the scene. Don't harsh my mellow, Daniels ;)

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