Roosevelt, Noise Gate, and Scatter Brain and Acid Atheist

Artist: Roosevelt
Song: “Miracles and City Lights” (from
Heard by: Matt Silengo, North Park
I thought it had a really good sound to it. I couldn’t really make out the lyrics to know exactly what was being said, but as far as the overall sound, I enjoyed it. Certainly, if it were on in the background, it would get my attention. It was rock-type music. I’m having a little difficulty making a comparison off the top of my head. Maybe like Pearl Jam and Metallica — groups like that. It reminded me of some stuff I used to listen to way back when. What I did hear of the lyrics was about being alone in the city. I could see something like that playing while someone’s skateboarding — that kind of sport. It was upbeat. I would give it an 8 out of 10.

Artist: Noise Gate
Song: “Restraint” (from
Heard by: Dave Houle, Ocean Beach
I enjoyed the introduction. It’s kind of a mystery…where is it going? I really liked the mandolin-style phrasing. It brought you to another section that’s a little bit bluesy and more traditional. There are three distinct sections. It had a sense of movement. Overall, it was a happy piece. It was instrumental. I hear some good art over that — like spoken word — something different from the norm. It’s a two-guitar track. It sounds like two guys were just, like, “Let’s record a jam.” Damn good players. You could do some things with that as a piece. It’s something to build on with a bunch of other like-minded musicians. It’s almost soundtrack-ish. I’d give it a 9 out of 10.

Artist: Scatter Brain the Acid Atheist
Song: “House of a Thousand Dying Voices” (from
Heard by: Jig Rogers, Bay Area
I liked it. It’s kind of a clash of classical guitar and hip-hop. It sounded Southwestern a little bit. As far as hip-hop goes, I’m pretty much just into the classics like NWA and newer stuff like Dead Prez and Deltron. That’s all I could really compare it to because I don’t know too much about hip-hop. Mostly, the lyrics and samples attract me to that kind of hip-hop. That’s part of what I like about NWA is that they sample James Brown and Jackson 5 songs. I’d say this rapper was good at his craft. This is definitely underground.… I wouldn’t say it would have any mainstream appeal. The song was a little too short, but the guitar hook definitely drew me in.

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