Pinniped Predicament

The issue of seals at La Jolla Children's Pool resurfaced in a March 17 agenda item on the Natural Resources and Culture Committee docket. At the committee meeting, San Diego councilmembers Donna Frye, Carl DeMaio, Sherri Lightner, and Marti Emerald will consider a new ordinance for Children's Pool. The committee will look into three different options. The first would restrict access to the beach during pupping season, which runs from January to mid-April. The second would be to leave the rope that runs the length of the beach up year-round. The third alternative is that the council designates the Children's Pool a “marine mammal park.”

For people fighting to restore the beach to a joint-use beach, without rope barricades and without harassment by seal activists, the new ordinance is an example of city officials disregarding the rights of its citizens.

"All we want to do is share the beach with seals like we have shared it for decades," writes John Leek, secretary for San Diego's Council of Divers. "We are willing to share and the seals are willing to share, why are the activists so selfish and greedy? They stole the treasure from the children, now they won't share it with anybody."

For Leek and those like him, the city never had a valid permit to put the rope barrier up. He points to a March 4 report from the California Coastal Commission: "The appellants also assert that the City has already installed the rope barrier even though the appeal is pending and the coastal development permit is not effective...."

According to the Coastal Commission staff report, the rope does not "result in adverse impacts on public access."

The Pinniped predicament at La Jolla Children's Pool will come ashore in council chambers at the Natural Resources and Culture Committee's March 17 meeting at 1:00 p.m.

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Is this supposed to be a news article? It's clearly biased and belongs in the editorial section. "...without harassment by seal activists..." sounds biased to me.

Why are people so obsessed with swimming in this one tiny part of the beach?? The seals use just a few feet of water/sand. People can swim in the rest of La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Torrey Pines, Ocean Beach, and hundreds of miles of waters to the north and south, where you can take your diving gear, sports equipment, toys, diapers, food, trash, etc. Let the seals be!!

"Why are people so obsessed with swimming in this one tiny part of the beach?? The seals use just a few feet of water/sand."

Yep. And the activists that make their living off of those seals count on it. Let's you and me have a nice discussion about bias. Can I bring my camera? I'd love to upload it onto Youtube...

Some years ago, I was down at a City Council meeting (I've been to less than five of them, I want to say twice), and when I entered the chamber, the head of the Park and Rec department saw me and waved me over. All of her staff was there, lined up in the chairs against the back wall, but there was an empty seat beside her on the left, and she waved me into it. I sat down for a moment, we talked about an issue pending in my community for about five minutes, then I asked her what she was doing there, and she said she was there regarding the seal beach issue (I'm sure that's not how she phrased it, but that's what I understood she meant). It occurred to me then that this was one of those neverending issues and I thought, Why doesn't the City just make a decision and stick to it, because regardless of who's right or wrong, this is costing us millions of dollars.

Those smelly, barky, full-of-malarkey pinnipeds are already hanging out on Alligator Point and the Clam.

Sooooooooooooooo, when they finally start beaching themselves in The Cove this summer, and it's closed off from the public just like the Children/Seal's Pool is now, will any humans complain?

MARK (bark?) MY WORDS! It's only a matter of time before those pinnipeds will be up on Prospect Street drinking whale milk latte's at Starbucks and munching anchovy - flavored ice cream at Haagen Dazs!!!

Where will it end? Only Shamu knows - and he ain't talkin'!!

Meanwhile, what do the signs say along the coast walkway? guessed it..."DON"T FEED THE FERKIN' SQUIRRELS!"

I hate to mimic that Turko guy,but..........."It ain't right!"

Those seals may look cute, but they bring in one additional ocean-going hazard. When you have a seal rookery, chances are their "Numbah One" predator is waiting in the waters off the rookery, tasting that seal dinner that's a coming his way!

That right--Brucie and Crew (aka: "Great White Sharks") have an insaitable taste for seals and sea lions. It's mainly because pinnaped blubber provides not only a tasty snack, but a great energy source to a fish species that has to "swim or die" from anoxia.

This puts your typical surfer in danger, since a surfer on their board (and in a full wetsuit) looks an awful lot like a seal. One bite later--"WHOOPS, this don't taste like no seal...too damn bony! Pa-TOOEY!"

Result--one dead surfer, one shark still looking for dinner, and the Seal Colony Of The Children's Pool still doing what they do best. That's eating fish, making seal pups--and dumping their fecal matter into a place meant for kids to enjoy the ocean without getting pounded by the surf!

And the beat goes on!


No need for emotion on this issue. If the Children's Pool beach is closed to people, then a private group of citizens will start a harassment program against the seals in the ocean surrounding the Children's Pool. There are enough harassment devices such as seal bombs that can be used underwater to scare off the seals. They can be harassed from the area so there will be no seals left to use the Children's Pool beach and, believe me, the seals will not want to come back.

BYE BYE SEALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband and I moved to San Diego a little less than two years ago. We didn't know about the seal colony when we moved here, but have been back many times to view the seals since first learning they were there. Any time visitors are in town, the seals are always right at the top of the must-see attractions list. They are a treasure to this city. It's amazing that we have the opportunity to view an entire seal colony from so close! I've loved going these past many weeks especially. Seeing the baby seals on the beach and watching them interact together is such a neat experience. And I have no doubt that those seals bring a ton of money to La Jolla - there are always tons of people there solely to admire the seals every time I visit.

I'm so surprised by the amount of debate over the seals. Even reading this article, and the comments posted below it - all I can say is: Wow. Is the person writing the article one of the divers fighting to kick the seals off the beach? And as far as the comments are concerned - why can't people just stick to the facts without all this fear-mongering, worst-case-scenario, we'll-all-get-eaten-by-sharks, let's-take-matters-into-our-own-hands-and-off-seals-in-our-time mumbo jumbo?

We're talking about a tiny piece of land in a city that is lacking anything but coastline. We have tons of it. And we have the bay. Our kids are so lucky to be raised in a city that has so much to offer them in terms of ocean and entertainment.

As a couple actively working to conceive, my husband and I have become more passionate about this seal issue. We want our children to have the best of everything. And that means access to the treasure that is the seal colony. I want my children to be able to grow up witnessing wildlife in a pure form, in its natural habitat. How much does Sea World pull in every year just in admissions tickets? People pay big bucks to enter through a gate and view marine life from behind glass en masse every single day. We get to see and enjoy it any day of the year, for free. That is an amazing boon to our existence here in America's Finest City, and we should appreciate it instead of letting a small minority of very vocal divers rob this treasure from our children under the guise of "protecting" this beach for our children.

Seals or no seals, it's not a good place for kids. The water is contaminated and it's surrounded by sharp rocks. No responsible parent would let their kids anywhere close to this pool. I wouldn't. I'd rather take my children to a place that wasn't tainted by run-off and other dangers. Luckily, I live in San Diego - a city abounding with such places.

Give our kids the best of everything. Allow them amazing places to swim and frolic, AND allow them the opportunity to grow up with an appreciation for wildlife by giving them the opportunity to visit this single tiny little beach to view the San Diego Seal Colony.

Right on NBliss! The seal colony is a treasure in this city. Prior to moving to San Diego, I would visit a few times a year and the seal colony was one of those unique places I looked forward to seeing. It is amazing to watch these animals in a natural habitat. For the seals, this is their home - and we must respect that. People have plenty of places to sunbathe or dive.

The San Diego Union Tribune has written an editorial in support of the seals. You can find it here:

They write: "...We agree that in the long run the shared-use policy does not serve the best interests of people or the seals. We also believe that, as demonstrated by two scientific surveys, the large majority of San Diegans want the seal colony protected. And there is precedent: Carpinteria, a city south of Santa Barbara that has the only other such seal colony on a public beach in Southern California, has closed its beach to the public entirely from Dec. 1 to June 1...San Diego should do no less."

I really don't care either way, seals, no seals, people, no people, y'all carry on however, but those of you who are outraged over sharing that piece of land with the seals (including the U-T which has obviously decided to overlook the history of the area) need to do some research on that piece of land before being "surprised" by the controversy or determining what a treasure it is or isn't. Make your statements, feel your feelings, but ensure that whichever side of the rope you're on that ignorance isn't part of the equation.

Remove that man-made wall built in 1931 and REALLY give nature back to nature. Of course, the seals will leave if you do. They'll go back to birthing wherever they birthed prior to the early 1990's, which is when they started to show up. If San Diego doesn't need a children's pool, then it certainly doesn't need another zoo. Tear down that wall, nobody will have anything to argue about anymore.

"I want my children to be able to grow up witnessing wildlife in a pure form, in its natural habitat." In that case, you'll need to go north to Ano Nuevo State Park - there isn't a seawall in sight.

Or you could always go much farther north and watch 'em play "Whack A Seal".

"All we want to do is share the beach with seals like we have shared it for decades," writes John Leek, secretary for San Diego's Council of Divers. "We are willing to share and the seals are willing to share, why are the activists so selfish and greedy? They stole the treasure from the children, now they won't share it with anybody."

Um, anyone see the pure crap here? Activists are selfish and greedy and stole the treasure from the children. Hmmm. How many children do you know that are divers?

I don't see any children down there harassing the seals in their wet-suits and flippers screaming about how their treasure has been stolen from them. And anyone that is stupid enough to fall for that tired old ploy of shark bait should become exactly that.

"We are willing to share and the seals are willing to share"....really?

"The seals have signed a hold-harmless agreement with the city and are ready to move forward with sharing their pup-birthing site with divers..more on Fox News at 6:00 - Stu, back to you in the studio!!!!".

"The seals have signed a hold-harmless agreement with the city"

Any truth that SurfPuppy was lead counsel on the seal's behalf?

Why don't you ask him? Jerk-dickhead and I don't see eye to eye.

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Why don't you ask him? Jerk-dickhead and I don't see eye to eye

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Rocket, you have worn out your welcome. My tail just threw up thinking about you.

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Dumb men like surfjerkoff have no outlet and hate women.

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He can't even spell wench.

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I don't hate men. I hate jerks. You did not respond to my post, you resorted to this: "LOL...another witty comeback! And so classy! Hey GED winch, pipe down!".

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If I recall correctly, someone recently called you out about your credentials and all we heard were the crickets chirping.

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i'll take pie only please as those water kittens without ears (seals)seem to need some championing too

i 'member when seals and kiddies and divers shared the beach

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Awww, Rocket, I like you!! Just not your crack about a GED. Jerk-puppy has it out for me for some reason. Not sure what I did to him except disagree with him, but I really don't care one way or the other.

Ms. Grant, you've figured out your opponent: Trash others with false claims about their education levels and then hide your own. Tell lies about others and stick to it, even when you've been exposed. Remember, MG, he's smart enough to be a lawyer. You're not.

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Oops, I think we have a misunderstanding. What I think russl meant was the same thing that nan pointed out, that being an attorney does not exactly make you the sharpest knife in the drawer. Cuddles, I think you are brilliant and I have the utmost respect in particular for those who pursue and earn their GEDs. I was kind of peeved about the GED reference, because I know people who went back to get theirs. Life throws some weird curveballs, and sometimes that interferes with our plans. I did not think it should have been used as an insult. Exactly the opposite, actually. I was just saying that I was not insulted by russl's comment. Once I read through the lines, it was pretty funny.

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