Found a Peanut

I love walking the path in Ocean Beach that runs from the end of the stairway on Orchard Street to the pier. This particular path is a microcosm of Ocean Beach life at its finest. There are kids cutting school and getting stoned, then jumping off the rocks into the water. People sneaking their dogs down for walks, even though there are the stupid no dogs allowed signs posted. Transients holding the walls up, drinking out of tall cans covered in brown paper bags. The little Mexican kids and their moms collecting miniature crabs in big white plastic buckets. The occasional cop walking their beat, but pretty much leaving well enough alone. All while the surf crashes into the rocks and drowns out the sound of everything but the ocean. Then up Newport Avenue, with its crazy bars and shops, hoping to get a glimpse of Star Trike parked in front of Cheswick's.

Three summers ago, I took my stroll along the surf, and was winding my way down to the little park before the lifeguard tower. This area is ground zero for the homeless, the drifters, the indigent of our community. They don’t bother me, I don’t bother them. I saw a group of young people, maybe four or five, and noticed that one of them had a kitten. This kitten was tiny, maybe four weeks old at most. I walked over to the young man holding it and asked “what’s your kitten’s name?” His response was “Promise”. This young man was probably about 20 years old, but was already achieving the grizzled look of the homeless, with sunburned skin and scabs on his nose. I wanted to know how he got the kitten. “A lady was down here with a box of them and I took one”.

My blood began to boil. The irresponsibility of having an unwanted litter of kittens was one thing, but to be giving them away at the age of four weeks to HOMELESS people was unbearable. We talked a little more, and I gave him a few pointers on how to care for his new pet, all the while the wheels in my head turned.

I decided that I would check on the kitten until I was comfortable that it was being taken care of. I would go for my walk, and see my homeless friend and his kitten sitting on the sea wall, him enjoying all the newfound attention bestowed on him from passersby who stopped to coo and ooh and aah over the cute little kitten. I also noticed that there was no food or water for the kitten. This went on for three days. Day four happened to be the day before the fourth of July, and if any of you know much about OB, the fourth of July is a high holy day in this community. I took my walk, and there they were, sitting in the little park, surrounded by other young scrappy kids, taking turns holding the kitten and trying to feed it bits of burrito. I walked a block away, called my husband and instructed him to “grab my purse and meet me in front of the Bank of America on Newport”. “Why?” he reasonably asked. “I’ll tell you when you get here. Just please hurry.”

The kitten at this point was lethargic and had been out in the full sunlight in the middle of the summer for almost a week. It was too small to be handled so much. I walked up to the B of A, and my husband pulled up and parked. I had told him about the kitten, but he was unaware of what I was doing at this point. I took my bank card, made a $100.00 withdrawal from the ATM, and walked back to the circle of youngsters. My husband kept asking “what are doing?” and I told him “watch”. I still can’t believe what I did next.

I walked up to the group and addressed the young man with the kitten. “Hi, how are you today?” I asked the sunburned fellow. He did not recognize me as the lady who stopped by every day to chat with him and check on the kitty, because I disguised myself with a hat that was in the car and large sunglasses. “Fine, thanks” he responded. " How's your kitten? I'm a little concerned about its health”. He looked crestfallen. I proceeded to ask him some questions about the kitten, how was he feeding it, did he have water for it, did he know about cats and how they need shelter and a litter box? His eyes were getting misty. Oh my God, what was I doing?!? I will stop at nothing to get this kitten at this point. My focus was laser sharp.

Then I played my trump card. “You know tomorrow is the fourth of July around here, don’t you?” I asked him. “Yes, I know” was his feeble reply. “If you have that kitten down here with ten thousand people lighting fireworks and having bonfires, what do you think the odds of it surviving are if you lose it for even a minute? Tell you what. You give me the kitten, and I will take it home with me tonight and bring her back on Sunday, after everyone has cleared out.” He pondered this, and hugged the kitty closer and said “no, I can’t!” I peeled a couple of twenties off my original five and told him I promised I would bring her back, and maybe this money would help him get a room for the night and maybe get cleaned up. I was completely prepared to part with the entire Benjamin. With tears in his eyes, he took the money, gave me the kitten, and asked “do you promise to bring her back?” “I promise”, I lied.

I ran back to the car, speechless husband in tow, and said “I'm sorry, but I had to. We will figure this out later”. I got her home and settled in the spare bedroom, with a little litter box and some water and food, and stayed the night with her. She was the cutest little thing, prone to boxing her own reflection in the closet mirror and sleeping a lot. She ate an enormous amount of food for such a little thing, so she had this round little belly.

During this time, my assistant at work was breaking up with her boyfriend, and had moved into her own place. She was lonely and was thinking about getting a kitten. Well, guess who happened to have a kitten? She came over and met the kitty and fell in love. We made arrangements for her to take the kitten after about a month, when it was stronger and the vet gave her a clean bill of health. You can all guess what happened. Upon introductions to the elder kitties of the house after a week of them pacing in front of the spare room door and them pronouncing her part of the tribe, she was family. She would literally sleep on my cat Tiger’s back, with her paws wrapped around his head. She was still so little, and my husband took to calling her Pee-Pee.

Eileen, my old assistant, would make frequent visits and check on her progress, but I think she knew I was beyond attached, because one day she said to me “you don’t want to get rid of her, do you?”. “I don’t think I can, she’s attached herself to us” I mustered. She was very understanding, being an animal person herself. It worked out in the long run because a few weeks later, the ex-boyfriend called her to tell her he was moving and would she take his cat, who she was very fond of and who adored her while she was living with them. She still has him.

Our little kitten has grown into a beautiful cat. She is still on the small side, weighing about nine pounds, but she is perfectly proportioned. Even our vet comments on her “good genes”. She is simultaneously skittish, a bully to the poor de-clawed cat, affectionate (she sleeps next to me every night and I believe she thinks I am her mother), and funny. She loves to chase her tail, chew newspapers, and play in the tall grass out back - she thinks she is a hunter, and stalks anything that moves. She also still likes to sleep – a lot.

Initially, I had a bout of guilt about the manner in which I acquired my little kitten, so I told my vet the story of my ill-begotten newest family member. She laughed and said I did a great thing. Oh, and after all my broken promises, I couldn’t very well keep the name “Promise”, now could I? Pee-Pee became Peanut, and the final member of our trilogy.

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Aw, Grant, you're an angel. (A ballsy, fibbing angel, but an angel nonetheless).

Lucky little Peanut.


Bless Peanut's paws. Can't wait to see the picture.

rolls eyes Ignore the human and rescue the cat? Uhhhhh.....yeah.....

I didn't ignore him, Pete. Because the story was about a kitten, I did not get into my relationship with the local homeless. When I would take my walks, I would always bring some water or food with me to give to him, and we talked about where he was from, etc. I feel for these people, and I donate my time at St. Vincent De Paul. But I cannot rescue them. Cats, on the other hand, I can. All three of my cats are from off the streets.

And thanks, Anti, CF and Mindy. Glad you liked it.

So you stole an animal from a person because you deemed the person an unfit owner? Hmm, interesting ethical gray area. Or maybe not so gray.

Follow-up question: did you ever see that homeless guy again, and if so, did you 'fess up?

There was nothing gray about it, shizzy. That kitten would have been dead by July 5th. Ever been on the beach in OB on the 4th? I did not deem the person unfit. He deemed himself, admittedly by my prodding him about his ability to care for a 4 week old kitten on the 4th of July. And yes, our paths did cross, eye contact was made and an unspoken understanding of what went down acknowledged. I saw him for about three months after that, then he was gone.

Do you honestly believe that she would have been better off with him? When I finally got her, she was dehydrated, sunburned and malnourished. I took her to my vet right away, and they discovered a heart murmur, which has since cleared up. Animals kept as pets need basic medical attention. Think it through. Did he have the means to have her spayed? Or even to get her shots? That kitten was a novelty for him. For me it meant saving a life. You can criticize me all you want. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I see one has to be a nice guy for his comments not to get deleted. Maybe I'll follow refried's lead and leave all you cocksuckers to suck off one another!

In fact, I find it VERY hypocritical of the editors of this website to cowardly hide behind the 1st Amendment but delete people's thoughts and feelings. F*** YOU READER EDITORS! I hope you ALL get brutally murdered by the John Gardeners of the world! Payback is a real bitch!

Pete, I want to clarify one thing. My reasons for no longer participating here have nothing to do with Reader editors/administrators, I think they've been stellar. Wherever you share your thoughts and feelings, you are subject to the rules of wherever you share. That's fair, Pete. You tend to take things right to the edge, and I admire that and respect it. But the Reader has to keep itself covered, and you do tend to challenge them and tax their efforts at keeping themselves out of hot water. I encourage you, Pete, to say what's on your mind, and I admire your honesty, but wherever you go, you will be sanctioned and filtered because that's what society does. All societies. The bare-naked truth doesn't get a blanket thrown over it because it's the truth, but rather because it's bare-naked. Sometimes truth needs to be in the form of a sexy outfit. At the very least, people are going to pay more attention to that than to something they'd see in Hustler.

And to all of the Pete haters here, I encourage you to examine exactly why you hate Pete. I think it's fine and probably quite healthy not to share all of his opinions in a positive light, but he does make some salient points. And so do you all. But we're all Pete in some form or another. Think about that.

I'm quitting because I don't enjoy being stalked. My seventeen-year-old just asked me permission to run accross the street and buy a soda, and I had to think about it. I don't want to worry about her. It isn't the violence in Tijuana that concerns me, it's that at any time one of my comments here can be taken the wrong way and the next thing I know someone's staking out my house. Any content I offer to the Reader from now on will proudly be sent through the front door, and my proper given name will be attached to that offering.

Because, apparently, my infamous internet nickname invites some probing queries that, quite frankly, makes me nervous as all hell. God bless all of you, I want the best for you, and I sincerely hope that you can all love one another in spite of your differences. Because it's the human thing to do.

Thanks, refried. I understand the reasons you won't be posting here anymore. They are totally different than mine. I understand that the Reader has to cover it's ass regarding some of the things I post. They have to worry about getting sued for slander and libel. The reason I'm pissed is because I told MsGrant that there's a special place in hell for her for stealing that kitten away from the homeless guy at the beach. That's my OPINION. It's not slander and it's not libel. Why was it deleted? It was deleted because either MsGrant or one of her acolytes bitched to the editors OR the editors took it upon themselves to delete it.

Again, it's hard to have sympathy for a magazine or newspaper who hides behind the 1st Amendment then turns around and tells a reader that it can't post things that aren't prohibited under the law. This is one thing that has bothered me for years about this country.

I've said MANY times over the years on MANY websites, if you don't like what I post, suck it! I'm not here to be anyone's friend. I'm here for me and me alone. It's a dog ea dog world and I don't expect to be treated any different.

I'm the exact opposite, refried. I'd gladly post my address and tell all my haters to bring it on but I also have to think about my roommates. It's not fair to them. As for myself, any of you cocksuckers that hate me can name the time and place. Remember this though...life's not fair and ALL is fair in love and war. I've been to prison. I'm NOT afraid to go back.

Pete, for as long as I have been posting here, I have never, ever petitioned for a comment to be removed. My response to your comment was factual and respectful. Your comment did not bother me in the slightest, because I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions, ESPECIALLY if they are contrary to mine. But I do typically blog about things that are important to me and maybe I am deluded but I like to think I am a fairly decent human being.

Refried, WTF? Seriously? You've been using that handle for ages. If anyone was going to bother with you, wouldn't they have done it already?

Fair enough MsGrant. I believe you. I'd still like to know why it was deleted. I'm sure the pissy little editors will just ignore me like they always do. Sometimes it may come off that I hate certain posters here but I like to believe that we just have a difference of opinion. I think you're off your rocker myself, MsGrant but that wouldn't stop me from sharing a beer with you. I think the only poster on these boards that I really hate, is CuddleFish. As far as I'm concerned, it's no skin off my balls. Her opinion doesn't carry much weight with me.

Just as we can disagree with each other about animals, I'm sure there are lots of things that we could actually agree on.

Well, it can't be slander, it has to be libel, and I'm certain that's not what prompted them to remove it. I can't get inside of their heads, Pete, but if it's inflammatory, they have every right to toss a comment. I've not always agreed with Ms. Grant, but I admire her very much. Same with SD. Same with AG. And with you.

I'm not going to tell you how to behave, that would be totally inappropriate. But I will recount something I learned long ago. Disagreeing is an art. And, you catch a lot more flies with honey than you will with vinegar. And, consider what you're arguing. Are you siding with the homeless guy or with the kitty-cat? Life isn't fair to either, my friend. But an effective point of view is a sweet thing, regardless of where you come from.

Ms. Grant: I'd rather not go into details, but yes, I've been using this nick for well over a decade and never been threatened. This is what happens. I'm not afraid for me, hell, I'm a white guy living in Tijuana! (apparently I'm Superman or something) But, I still have a kid here, and a wife, and it's funny that all I've written about the drug-runners in Tijuana hasn't brought a nibble compared to what I've posted here. Interesting how life rolls on.

It's not libel either, refried... http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/libel

It was merely an opinion and to be honest, because I have a flair for the dramatic during heated arguments, I don't REALLY believe that MsGrant would go to Hell for stealing that kitten. It still pisses me off that people's opinions are being censored. I thought we moved past the Nazi regime regarding electronic verbalization of one's thoughts but I guess 1930's Germany is alive and kicking in Little Italy these days. Who knew?

Well, Pete, I think you are off your rocker as well, so we have agreed on something already! I actually did not even notice it had been removed until you brought it up. Why would they remove it? "A special place in hell" is a fairly common phrase. It didn't strike me as being particularly offensive, especially coming from you.

Refried, I hope you reconsider. Your contributions have given me hours of entertainment. Like you said, we haven't always agreed, but it would be very boring around here if we all did.

Oh there you are, refried. I thought you were going into the Federal Witness Protection program, the way you were blathering last night. Paranoid, much? :)

Anyway, except for the award-winning one, I deleted all my threads, was rather harder than I thought to do, like killing all my (admittedly deformed) babies. But there, anything to keep the little Forum God happy. :)

I am off to feed the neighborhood ferals, will return in a bit.

Too bad you can't find the courage to delete yourself, CF...

Knock it off, Peter. There's no legitimate reason for dragging others into this "skirmish". So they ixnayed a stoopid remark. Censorship? Hell, you should thank somebody for getting your attention and (hopefully) giving you cause to stop and think on (rare) occasion. Not EVERY thought needs to come to life in print (witness this one). Anyone looking for a microcosm on the current state of enmity in this country (and neighboring environs) need search no further. Just spend a couple of hours perusing sandiegoreader.com. BTW, here's an epilogue, if I may: Ms. Grant's friend Eileen would have met the homeless guy at a benefit, a spark would have inexplicably been ignited, and Eileen would have played the loving nurse over the next few months as both the four-legged and the bi-legged cats clawed their way back to mental and physical health, and they all would have shared golden sunsets on the pier, 4th of July's excluded. Censure me at will , Pete.

Hitler couldn't give a s***. He's all about the Oscars right now.

CF - why remove your posts? God, it's like Lord of the Flies around here.

HA!!!!!!!! Even without seeing that piece of s*** movie, that was hilarious, AG.

I'm eating chocolate chip cookies, and pondering something ... I entered an essay contest on another site, was chosen #36 of fifty essays selected to be in an anthology.

To date, no one has commented on the winners, and I am wondering why ...

I'm sure that CF will embrace this comment negatively, but to hell with it. I owe you SD, so I'll make this my last.

I love you, too, SD, very much so. You're smart, sexy, and continually questioning my judgement, that's sort of like hitting the trifecta ;) If I wasn't already married, I'd ask.

I have so much enjoyed our awesome B.S. sessions here. You've taught me lots. I'll miss it, and I'll miss you here. I look forward to a great friendship beyond this. You're a smart lady, and people should give you a lot of credit, especially Pete.

Pete is that nasty part of the envelope that no one wants to lick, but it's sort of necessary if you want to close it. It doesn't bother me at all, I've known lots of Pete's all of my life. They're actually pretty good people once you get to know them. My father still tells black jokes to black people, he thinks it's okay so long as they're black and they laugh.

My father is a great man. I love him very much. I don't agree with him about certain things. This is what happens. But he raised me and I'm sort of color blind, so I guess there's hope for us all. I think it's great to have color and to be proud of it. And I think that one day Pete might have kids and they might feel the same way. And maybe Pete will feel the same way some day. I hope so. I like Pete just fine, I'll look away when he goes bonkers over some racial issue he might not have thought through.

I'd rather hope and try for that, your optimistic view of Pete, than to fight your perception of his racism. And that isn't because I love him, SD, it's because I love you. I want you to change him. I want you to rule this world. Do it. I'll send you emails of encouragement. And of love.

I'll leave you with this, refried,...The country I love has been taken over by a group of Liberal, Elitist, tree-hugging, rainbow worshipping, politically correct douchebags. I'd like to know how it's wrong of me to think, "Gee. We spay and nueter our pets so they don't breed like cockroaches but we let the minorities of the world do it in the name of God."

If anything, refried, I'm the long forgotten voice of sanity and reason in this country. I want others to do whatever it is that makes them happy so long as it doesn't personally invade my space. That's it. It's real simple.

I could say something "radical" like, "F Michael Bloomberg for wanting to lower the sodium content of foods in restaurants" and SD will post some Liberal bulls like, "That's the reason why health care is so expensive nowdays. Over in Europe...."

A)-I don't give a f*** what happens to Europe. and B)-It's our God given AMERICAN!!!! right to not eat healthy.

I'm tired of the minority voice in this country dictating what the majority can do just because some douchebag gets his panties in a ruffle. This country has fought damn hard the past 100 years for an unparalled equality and it's being tossed to the side like a drunken midget for a group of Liberal pansies that don't know the meaning of the word FREEDOM.

Both Liberals and Conservatives don't know when to shut the f*** up and enjoy what people have lost lives and blood for.

This video sums up myself when it comes to standing up for true freedom and it sums up the Liberal and Conservative way of life 24/7/365... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ituFNP...

Refried-Keep in touch. You know how to get ahold of me.

Pete, I'm not sure that the resolutions to your frustrations even lie inside of an ideological solution. Mexico has free health care, and plenty of people still die here. Every country has minorities, the same problems exist in every country as well as in the U.S. Global warming/cooling/climate change may or may not be caused by humankind's destruciont of the planet, but we are, after all, destroying the planet, can't deny that.

The voice of reason is in your own head. Problem is, you can't do it all by yourself. You need SD, and she needs you. Honest. Forget about ideology, my friend. It's the biggest road to nowhere that was ever built. Get together and figure out what you have in common. You'll find something.

Two problems I have with people like SD: 1)-Hypocritical elitists. I've never met SD so I certainly can't put words in her mouth but I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that she stays as far away from the ghetto as she can. Typical Liberal redundency. "I'll support the minorities of the world but I'll be damned if I'm going to go and hang out with them."

2)-They can't let people speak their minds. If I had the power to spread the Gospel According to PistolPete across this great land that the God worshipping Catholic minorities should start using condoms at once to stop the overpopulation of the Earth, I'd refrain from doing so. Why? It's not my will or choice to tell others how to live their lives. If people want to believe that some invisible ghost in the sky told them not to wear condoms so they could populate the Earth and we could all live in poverty, fine. No skin off my balls.

I was just simply stating a thought and all of a sudden I'm a minority hating racist heathen. Liberals like SD don't have the brainpower to stop and think to themselves, "You know? He's got a point..."

I DO make a VERY good point. What I say is an absolute, undeniable fact of life on this Earth. We spay and neuter our pets so they don't overpopulate because they'll go hungry and die but we ignore it when the Haitians breed like rabbits and tell ourselves, "God wants it that way." I'm not trying to stop it. I'm trying to get more Americans to think for themselves instead of their Gods and politicians. When the revolution comes, there's not going to be any Gods or politicians. It will truly be a dog eat dog world. I'm awake to what's going to eventually take place. Are you?

Forum God, in common with all bullies, you want to tell others what to think, do, say, feel. Allow me at least to speak for myself. If I posted every time I disagreed with you, you would have run off crying a long time ago. Apparently because I had the nerve to correct your error re column/blog, you are running off crying now, but of course not before your long sad curtain calls. Had I known it was so easily accomplished I might have taken you on a long time ago. You will permit me to say that I have ignored all of your nasty little comments directed toward moi as not worthy of my response. I don't allow myself to get into catfights beyond a moment's amusement. I prefer to laugh and walk away.

I respond now for this reason: It will be a pleasure to me that one of the troll's biggest supporters will no longer be here to glorify themselves by encouraging his rants. I've been on a number of forums but nowhere have I been on a forum where they keep a pet troll around just to make themselves look good. Most forums actively discourage and/or work hard to ban creatures like this. But I suppose here, life is too boring without the incessant idiotic howling to respond to with rational arguments.

I give you leave to leave with this last thought. You were, on this thread or another, wishing everyone love one another. LOLOL!! Oh my dear refried, you remind me of that old saying. Dying for your faith is easy. Living your faith is hard.

God bless you, refried, my brother in Christ. :)

Oh, dear Lord, how did my blog become The Break-Up?!?! This thread is all over the f***ing place. Refried, I implore you to come back. You cannot just go away. That is cowardly. Just because you had a very public tequila-fueled spat with CF is no reason to bow out. I had a martini-fueled fight with a certain someone who is no longer in the employ of this publication once, and I swore I would never come back. But here I am. Your comments and your writing are appreciated. Every courtroom needs a judge. Judges don't always make the right decisions, but we maintain the right to appeal. That's what keeps dialect interesting. You of all people would be the last person I thought would give up that easily.

Ms. Grant, this place will be just fine without me. I'm not leaving because CF enjoys running her mouth at me in here, although I'm sure she would like to think that she "took me on" and ran me off by her snarky comments. Believe me, it's almost flattering to have someone run around in this website and seek out my comments to others for the sole purpose af trying to trash me.

And I apologize for this taking place in your blog entry here, I simply felt the desire to clarify something to Pete, then to let SD know that I think the world of her and that she has a great shot at making this a better place, and now to you to let you know that a couple of other things happened that night (not on this website, but elsewhere) that are too well timed to be coincidental, and that sort of exposure doesn't make me feel comfortable.

I know how you felt about Board. Think about how he handled his argument with a certain lady over at CB, multiply that effect by four, and you'll get an idea of what I mean about exposure. If I'm single with no kids then I don't care much because I'm a big boy and I can handle myself, but since I'm married with a seventeen-year-old that leaves the house now and again, well, you can imagine.

I'll still continute to read your stuff with great interest and enjoy watching your writing develop and evolve (I can't wait for your next vacation!). I dig it.

Fair enough. I'll respect your decision. Thanks for the support!! And stay tuned...

Regarding the departure of El Gringo, wish you wouldn't go, but if you must, Vaya con Dios, Dude!

(I think I said that right.)

See ya around.


"I had a martini-fueled fight with a certain someone who is no longer in the employ of this publication once, and I swore I would never come back."

I remember that fight. :)

See there? Ya just have to dig in your heels and outlast the arseholes of the world. (They usually burn out pretty quickly, once their arrogance and dickery have truly peaked.)

It's just a bit much sometimes, Pete. Your approach has a certain sledge-hammer quality to it. I did not mean to be condescending. I don't think the world is all sunshine and unicorns. Without getting into too much detail, I had a REALLY s***ty childhood, and I know a thing or two about the real world. If I come across as being naive about how the real world works, it's only because I've endured enough for one lifetime and prefer to keep it light. I don't always succeed. You know what? There's a social issue for you right there. The damage caused by abusive childhoods. I have a great life now, but it is not because of my upbringing. It is in spite of it. No one should have to work that hard to be happy, especially kids.

I agree 100% with you on kids having a happy childhood. I'm the exact opposite of you. I had a pretty good childhood. With the exception of certain things, I'd say I was smothered too much. The reason why I'm pessimistic about the world is because I was smothered too much. Instead of being honest about life with our children, we let them be innocent. That's a pipe dream. Case in point, Chelsea King. You could argue that Chelsea King was 17 years old and knew enough about life but I'd counter that RB seems to live in a bubble and it does. I lived down the street from where John Gardner grew up and that neighborhood is VERY insular. Chelsea grew up in Chicago. She should've known better than to go out running alone. I am by no means letting her killer off the hook either. Chelsea's death was NOT her fault but it could've been prevented with the right mindset.

I'd like to believe that Chelsea's death wasn't in vain but I'd be naive to think that. The citizens of Sandy Eggo would like to believe that if they bark and holler enough about our sex offense laws, they'll magically change. WRONG ANSWER! It all comes back to education. Don't get me wrong, MsGrant, I'm NOT saying our sex laws don't need to be changed. They do. However, if we educate our children about the John Gardners in life, it won't make a difference if they change or not.

Most people say I'm racist. I say I'm just being honest about what the average human already thinks but is afraid to say aloud for fear of being labled a racist. All I'm doing is educating the brainwashed masses, MsGrant. If I'm unpopular for my opinions, so be it. Life isn't a popularity contest even if American Idol watching morons like CuddleFish think it is. ;-D

You say you had a REALLY s***ty childhood. Don't let the past influence your future. I did for years and it almost drove me insane.

We had a couple of kitten grifters in our parking lot at work last month. I got to know them pretty well, because I knew what they were up to and my concern for the animal overrode any sympathy toward them. They finally got run off by Von's management, but they cleaned up while they were there. I looked out my office window at one point and saw three women pulling out their wallets at the same time and donating what appeared to be at least two digit bills. Mmmm....that would be a good story.

My Lord, MsG. I am a sucker for homeless that have pets myself, and I always look them over to make sure they are looking healthy and well-fed. If they don't have water available, I give the "owner" a good chewing out. Some of these people, it is clear they just keep the animal for money.

Most homeless pets are at first taken on out of love, but then, once the owners realize the value of being homeless with a pet, the pets become, as SD said, pimped out for money. OB is full of kids with puppies or kittens, using them to get handouts from people like me. Problem for them is, I wind up taking the animal.

MsG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg congratulations!!!! you so deserved this!!!! xxx

Woooooohooooooo!!!!! :))

A well-deserved prize, MsGrant, sincere congratulations!!!!

oh Grantie...a big congrats darlin'...u so deserve it!!!

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