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Twitter has taken the local political world by storm, even San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders, who has been tweeting about topics important to him such as the city’s “high number of unwanted kittens” and remembering “to turn off your sprinklers during this rainy period.” Still, there are limits to His Honor’s dalliance with media, new or old. Last September 8, the city Environmental Services Department’s public information officer José Ysea emailed Darren Pudgil, the mayor’s director of communications, and Sanders PR aide Rachel Laing with word that the Reader had just started following him on Twitter. “Hey, I know that the Reader is off limits as far as giving information and interviews… Do you want this to apply to Twitter?” said Ysea’s email, obtained from the City through a Public Records Act request. “I did notice that they are currently following Mayor Sanders as well.”

Continued Ysea: “I can certainly block them, actually, I would prefer to block them to avoid them receiving a twitter message from me and then having them call wanting to receive more information. What is your recommendation.” Laing, who herself is one of the City’s more prolific tweeters (“Tiger’s press conference totally unwatchable. Ach. Don’t apologize to ME, dude. I don’t care who you’re schtupping”) responded later that day.

“Thanks for asking,” wrote Laing. “No need to block them. The info is in the public domain, so you have to expect anything you put out there can be used or quoted by any news media, just like our Web content. However, their seeing something on Twitter or a Web site that interests them does not automatically grant them right to interviews, and we should continue to refrain from talking to them.” The mayor’s office did not return calls.

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And what exactly is the reason that The Reader is "off limits as far as giving information and interviews"?

Exposing the corruption and unethical practices fostered by (and required by: read Bauder this week) Sanders, Goldstone, Goldsmith, Anderson, et al.) in every corner of the Sanders government doesn't REQUIRE "giving information and interviews": all that is necessary is a Public Records Act and a real journalist with a little conviction of conscience.

Ysea's moronic obedient-slave query shows just how cowed the Sanders staffers are. Try asking a simple question of any City employee, and see what type of mindless response you get: they are scared ****less of being fired for revealing the simplest fact. Wonder if that's what twit Maas means by "LOLable" (yes, Maas is a grown man, a full-fledged member of the politically correct alt-media anti-Reader gang, supposedly a journo, using terms like "LOLable"). Jeesh.

The Reader is the only publication in San Diego that publishes the truth about the corrupt Sanders administration. The other wannabe "investigative" pubs, populated by twittering little simps, who constantly broadcast their opinion that they are the next evolutionary stage of journalists (while letting you know what they ate for dinner and where they are shopping), love them some access to hizzoner and his twitty little mouthpiece Rach.

^ Wow, I couldn't have said this better. Mind if I tweet it? Kidding.

This guy is a public information officer, but doesn't get that blocking doesn't really do anything to stop someone reading your public twitter account... huh. [You can block someone from following you. Following gets your tweets automatically fed to them, but unless you make your whole account private, anyone can see your tweets by just going to the URL for your twitter stream. Like this: http://twitter.com/yseasd]

^ Like I said, "Try asking a simple question of any City employee, and see what type of mindless response you get..."

But maybe it's a good sign that José doesn't know much about Twitter...those who do seem to spend a good deal of their public-paid-salary day being twits (Rachel), and that's a pretty good waste of the public's dime, dontcha think?

Looks like there was a bit of discussion in Sanders' office about the amount of time spent (or was it just the substance that caused the embarrassment?) tweeting at City Hall. Now we have Rachel tweeting on two accounts: one for "work" and one for personal (TheFunRachel). Twitter is so great! It posts the time of the tweet, so we can audit the City twits and see if any fun stuff is tweeted on the taxpayers' dime.

The Reader is on the U.S. Attorney General's list of subversive organizations.

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