The City of San Diego is trying to sink future "floatilla" events on San Diego waterways by banning anyone in an inner tube from getting inebriated. The raft ragers, sometimes with as many as 6000 partiers, were an effective loophole for those wanting a beer on the beach and the bay and trying to skirt the January 2009 alcohol ban at city beaches.

On Wednesday, June 30, the Public Safety and Neighborhood Services committee, consisting of councilmembers Tony Young, Todd Gloria, Sherri Lightner, and Marti Emerald, will consider an amendment to the municipal code that would prohibit anyone in inner tubes, rafts, on blow-up mattresses, surfboards, surf mats, or paddleboards from drinking booze within one marine league (three nautical miles) from the shoreline. If the amendment is approved at the committee meeting, the item will go to the full city council for a vote.

In a city report issued June 23 to city councilmembers, four floatilla events, including "Innertubapalooza" in August 2009 and "Floatopia Save Our Rights" in May of this year, resulted in 50 water rescues and several trips to the emergency room. The three-page document included passages from the Center for Disease Control and the United States Lifesaving Association that point to the perils of mixing binge drinking and waterways.

Safety was not the only issue presented in the June 23 report. Also included were environmental impacts and added cost to taxpayers. The report indicated that "Floatopia" generated over 600 pounds or eight dumpsters of trash. For the event, park and recreation staff spent six hours cleaning up 2.4 tons of refuse. As for the added cost to taxpayers, the city estimates that the paddle parties cost the Fire-Rescue Department $20,622 to properly staff last year’s two events.

According to the report, the city has information that a new "Floatopia" event is now being planned. If the amendment is adopted, the raft ragers could be banned by August 2010. The meeting starts at 2 p.m. inside the Council Committee room in City Hall.

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I would like to see the detailed costs from the Park and Recreation Department for the extra portable toilets provided for Kate Sessions Neighborhood Park as well as the costs for extra ground maintenance services. Also, it is my understanding that there are continuing expenses associated with SDPD services at this park which should be made public. In these times of reduced services for most parks it seems unfair that one park needs so many extra services if there are no problems associated with drinking at this site. The city is being irresponsible not to address the problems via Council action to date.

Great article, Dorian, factual, unbiased, very informative and well-written. This makes very clear what these drunken binges cost all San Diego taxpayers. Not to mention the environmental impact to our beaches and nearby parks. And the health and safety risks not only to the partiers, but to the people who have to babysit and rescue them.

Let's hope the PS&NS committee does the sensible thing and bans future "floatopias."

I am sorry, but when dealing with young adults you can try and ban anything you want to prevent them from being drunk and destructive, but they will always persevere and find a new way to get drunk and be destructive. Rather than having the city be reactive, they should find a way to be proactive and better control these events. They should be ecstatic that this only happens maybe 2-3 times a year. If this gets banned people will look for other public ways to get drunk and it might even be worse. My suggestion is to find a way to control floatopia events and offer ways to make it safer and easier to clean up. There are so many different ways to look at this situation and the city really should stop be reactive to these type of events in a negative manner.

I don't accept that young adults need or want to get stupidly wasted, and further, I don't accept that society has to put up with the destruction caused by their stupidity. People want to get stupidly wasted, let them do it where it isn't going to bother the neighbors, cost the taxpayers' money, or break the law.

What is the purpose of Floatopia other than to get drunk? just rafting out and sitting there drinking seems kind of desperate. Well I guess you can catch a tan. This activity is too dangerous for the participants and for the public safety workers to justify its continuance. A good example of why alcohol should not have been banned at the beach. Since the beach neighbors bear the brunt of all this the beach neighbors should have been the ones to vote on the ban. It most likely would have failed. Now we have house parties all over town every weekend, a great solution.

What kind of logic is that? Out of control drunkenness is bad in the water, let's allow out of control drunkenness on the beach. That is not a solution.

People want to get stupidly wasted, let them do it where it isn't going to bother the neighbors, cost the taxpayers' money, or break the law.

Attorney Marco Gonzalez of Let's Ban the Fireworks Fame should jump on the floating ban as there are no bathroom barges at these events to my knowledge. You know what must be released into the water. Where is Marco when we need him ? Of course he supports the seals in La Jolla. I hear that the seals don't wear diapers. Can anyone confirm or deny this ? Do we have video and seal interviews ?

Would human/animal waste also be considered an eco hazard ? Gonzalez asserts that the fireworks over La Jolla Cove are an eco hazard and will harm the seal rookery at the Children's Pool. Today he is seeking a TRO to prevent the annual fireworks display in La Jolla. Could the City seek a TRO to prevent the floaters who drink on San Diego's beaches and bays ?

I was not entirely sure what "orwellian" meant so here is the link.


I was always intrigued by the Lost City of Atlantis. Maybe this is a possibility somewhere in the bay ? Underground fireworks and submerged cities sounds mysterious and other worldly to me.

No. I have a drought resistant yard. Do they allow grass in trailer parks these days ? I figure that you might know.

The East Village does not interest me as a place to live. Sorry. I shop in Barrio Logan for certain items. Maybe we can share some pan dulce if you promise to leave the weapons at home ?

Not of Sarah Palin's party nor do I have her skill with weapons. Never joined the PTA either.

"Bored and lonely" seems to be a recurring theme in your posts.

Projection can be painful, Mamie.

No pan dulce moment for us in your hood ?

I could be wrong, but many of the markers are there, so here's a theory:

"TheRegulator" is neither a woman, nor does he have a husband, unless you count his girlfriend's husband in that little triangle situation he's got going.

Let's see how long Pete lasts as "TheRegulator." Nice, masculine, but more shoot from the a$$ than from the hip, as per usual, screwing us over for his share and putting us all in our stereotypical "place" whilst enjoying the fruits of our taxpaying labor. Sound right?

"Gee Grasca...for someone who likes to act worldly when it comes to issues like The Law and banning things, you sure need to get out more."

Oh, and Grasca? Don't worry about being pegged as "Orwellian." It's basically all these aggressive "Anarchist/Libertarian/Tea Partier" (take your pick) "representatives" (note the need for heavy scare quotes when dealing with these folk and their "ideas"), who think that referencing 1984 and Socialism makes them sophisticated and super-aware, showing how they are onto our "cat-loving, bleeding heart Liberal" plots to take their guns and money and give it to the poor.

Except if "Regulator" is who I think it is, there is no taxpaying whatsoever, so this person has forfeited his right to even speak of politics.

You know, you are a pretty nice person, and I am sorry you came in at such a moment. Here I was saying it was a nice, calm place to blog and chat, but here we go again with another hate-fest from the lunatic fringe...good thing posting is bulletproof, huh?

Do you have to be a member of La Raza to enjoy pan dulce ? Sorry you won't join me, Mamie, or was that Ike ?

PP - his reputation preceeds him. I had the same feeling about those tricky gender issues. "Bored and lonely" sounds like drivel from something who watches too many tele novellas or soap operas. As the world turns for the young and the restless.

lol, I guess they're using brush-clearing-labor estimates for the policing and clean up.

I stand alone and do not require support when posting. Never have, never will. Mamie is having trouble with yet another projection here. Oops or was that Ike ? I am truly confused if PP is the regulator or Cher's hidden daughter or possibly my next door neighbor. The possibilities are endless. Pan dulce, anyone ?

@ Regulator - You don't seem like NEARLY enough of a douche to be Josh. How do you feel about Critical Mass?

Why is it when a member of the kitty club really wants to stick it to you, she accuses you of being someone else? Ms. Grant accused of being thought-filled wife, TheRegulator is supposed to be Pete. They do this a lot. What for? Well, if we don't have anything intelligent to say, just rely on the old stand by? So what?

TheRegulator, get this. SDaniels once accused me of being a racist because I called Refriedgringo, "Refriedbeans." Not only is he causcasian, but there are a few other people in the world who eat beans besides minorities.

I miss Josh. The Web site hasn't been the same without him. I wasn't in on the worst of his comments, but I thought his cluelessness made him lovable. He was always nice to me--not a cross word between us.

And he hated SDaniels with every ounce of his being. I was afraid he'd have a stroke just talking about her. He asked me not to mention it publicly at the time, but what difference does it make now?

Oh absolutely, I see. Pistol Pete was crude, but true to himself. He didn't let anybody push him around. I admire that in anybody.

I wasn't in on all the "drama," but Josh often posted comments that were shocking, and seemed to get away with it. Journalists want to give a free reign when it comes to freedom of speech, but then they canned someone when he took it to far. If you don't want someone to take it too far, set boundaries first.

I don't think Josh should have gotten fired, especially if he was set up by CB, as was suggested. We definitely need to adjust our views on racism in this country. We aren't fighting the same fight we were in the 60s. Everything that goes on, is not necessarily born of racism.

I was a Mormon for 20 years, and I came from a family that was so red, my dad still has a picture of George W. in his office. (The hospice came in today, the cancer can't be controlled, and it's his 80th birthday). I got disgusted with the right and their persecution of gays, so I went to a liberal church, The Unitarian Universalist Church for a year. They were all like Obama. They get all fired up about doing something, and then nothing happens.

The Mormons, on the other hand, were a well-organized machine. If a crisis occurred, the men in black suits would huddle, organize and delegate with amazing percision. They got the job done. Many of these men were world-renowned doctors, judges nominated to the supreme court, had graduated from law school at age twenty three--amazing people! But they had other problems I just couldn't tolerate.

But I'm sticking with the conservatives. They have more insight. The other day, I was at Target on Auto Parkway, and I changed my party back to Republican--although I'm really not thrilled with either party.

"This is the first I've heard of CuddleFish setting up Josh." She means CityBeatoff (CB), I'm pretty sure.

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