Shout Out To A Brutha

Thank you for the article “I Was Bred for This” (Cover Story, June 17), about “Sgt. Tom O’Brian.“ If he was deployed from Fort Lewis, Washington, around July of 2009 with a new Stryker Brigade, he is likely a fellow Manchu. Manchu is the name for the 4th Battalion, 9th Infantry of the 25th Infantry Division. I was a Manchu back in the ’60s, when we were deployed to Vietnam. I, too, was wounded and had to go through the long healing process.

If you can, please say hi to “Tom” from a fellow Manchu, and “Keep up the fire!”, the Manchu motto.

Bob Garner
US 56 829 516

Get Back To The Book

No wonder Father Jerome Kwasek thinks his sermons are flops (“Sheep and Goats,” June 17). His “world is the womb of practice” beliefs are way out there. He is in violation of canon law, as a priest, teaching contrary to the Scriptures. If he really wants to serve God, he should try preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Paul Richard
via email

Mail Your Résumé Back Home

Re “Looking for Work Has Become the New Work” (Cover Story, June 10). My first thought on this article is different than most. Why in the world does everyone from Boston move here to fulfill their little ole dreams and take our jobs?? Do you ever hear of a San Diegan moving to Boston? We already have the highest unemployment rate in the nation, and this exodus of Massachusetts people is making it much worse. (I meet hundreds every year.)

Why did the dude not move to Iowa or Nebraska and get a bartending job?? The dumb dude already had a good bartending job in Boston, so frigging stay there and don’t come get our jobs ’cause you know more about whiskey than the local that interviewed before you!!!

In addition to the high unemployment, we also have four or five major colleges in the area full of grads and current students wanting these jobs. That is why the dude ran into all these blond, good-looking girls at the open job interviews.

Go somewhere else to do your restless adventure syndrome. Go to the Midwest. Go to Alaska or one of the Dakotas, but quit coming here and making things harder for the natives and locals!!!

This dude who writes the article says he was even so desperate he is ready to take a job as an embalmer. That is a highly skilled and delicate job that he could not perform, so why say he is ready to work as one? Amateur attempt at humor if ever I read one.

The dumb-ass author went through all that b------t at Dirk’s with conga lines and pretending to be a tree, etc., and still got three interviews, so he must be pretty good at being a fool. He claims he is so desperate for work, yet he is only applying for one specific industry, but other hungry job seekers will do any job, right down to car-wash attendant to earn a paycheck and keep a roof over their heads. Not this unwanted East Coast transplant — he must have one of our jobs here that a local should have.

A friend of mine just told me she met two guys who just moved here from Albany two weeks ago. They told her they both found great jobs already. Great, meanwhile some of us locals are still having a sy go of it and still running into 300 people at an open interview. An office job I applied for a couple months ago told me they have had over 400 applicants, 389 of which I am sure are from Boston and the like. Go home!!!!

Print that take on this!!!!!!!!!!

John Reese
via email

No Holy Humor

On page 22 of the June 3 edition of the Reader there appears what purports to be a news article entitled “Mi$$ion Territory” reporting a plan to turn California’s missions into reservation-style gaming establishments with all profits going to the Mexican government.

My guess is that this is designed as a new form of journalistic “humor,” but the subject matter is not really “funny” at all.

It is especially pernicious that the author (Walter Mencken) “quotes” Bishop Robert Brom as saying things that Bishop Brom certainly never said. There has to be a law against this sort of false attribution of a quotation.

What can we do to demand a clarification of this misinformation?

Msgr. Richard F. Duncanson
Mission San Diego de Alcalá

“S.D. on the Q.T.” is the Reader’s “almost factual news” feature. — Editor

Just Sensationalism

Re “Till Death Do Us Part” (Cover Story, June 3). I hope that Mr. Larson, after writing such an article, made some sort of positive recompense to the family or to victims of crimes. It seemed a listing of facts culled from other sources ­­— nothing uplifting about it. Sensationalism for its own sake. I feel for the family and victims of such crimes.

Name Withheld
via email

At Last, No Dumb Information

Just a letter to thank you for the article “Palomar Pioneers” (Feature Story, May 27).

For once, something worthwhile, interesting, and far more positive and important than useless, dumb information about border bt and a man hanging from a bridge with his balls taped to his face.

In these tough times, it makes perfect sense to print articles about our beautiful, historical San Diego.

Keep up the good work, and keep our history coming.

Jens Morrison
San Marcos

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