Me Too

Jason O’Bryan’s article was right on the money (“Looking for Work Has Become the New Work,” Cover Story, June 10). I felt like I could have written that article word for word. It really made me laugh. I, too, am looking for a bartending position and have encountered — and, in fact, been to — some of the same humiliating interviews that he has. I do the whole craigslist routine every day. My applications are probably “on file” right next to his. In a city with so many bars, who would have guessed it would be so difficult to get a bartending position. Jason proved you just have to keep a good sense of humor and be persistent.

Sheryl Thompson
via email

No Help From Craigslist

Re your cover article “Looking for Work Has Become the New Work” (June 10).

Great story and especially applicable to my two young adults (21 and 22). They are both out of work, like many more of their age, and continue to search craigslist daily for jobs. Despite my insistence, they still don’t leave the house to search by foot. Instead, they continue to hope that the zillion résumés they’ve sent will stand out among the others. This article may change their attitude and direction. Pass along my thanks to Jason O’Bryan for a great piece.

Denys Mueller
via email

Quit Your Job, Become A Writer

This article was excellent, and by day 46 of Jason O’Bryan’s job search, I felt like I was right there with him (“Looking for Work Has Become the New Work,” Cover Story, June 10). I have two sons who have been through this miserable experience, one in Nevada and one in Manhattan, and the path to a job is the same as what Jason has expressed. In his next job hunt, he should look into writing for a career, as he expresses what we all feel in this frustrating search for work.

Penelope Mazin
via email

Eyes Wide Open

I have read “Out of Prison, Living in Luxury” by Don Bauder and “Defendants’ Lost Voices” by Dorian Hargrove, which appeared in your issue dated May 27 (“City Lights”). What has happened denies some of our people the chance to do their best. It demeans victims and tarnishes our reputation as fair, hardworking professionals. Such abuses, obstruction of justice, evidence tampering, and falsification of an official police report by the Oceanside Police Department are truly an eye-opener. As the saying goes, the truth will come out and justice shall prevail. All I can say is, more power to you and your staff.

Bill Balais


The photo of Seth Combs used in “Blurt” on June 3 was taken by photographer Alan Smith.

I Pick Corruption

Regarding the June 10 “Stringers” article “Van Doorn to Defeat Horn?” Given the choice between your Christian-piety crap influencing my government and corruption, I guess I’ll settle for the corruption! That’s my calling as an atheist.

Ted Rodosovich
University City

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