Fat Boy and the Yogi

On June 10 at approximately 4 p.m., Clubber Lang was spotted waddling across the green atop the cliffs at Law Street with his owner, local yoga instructor Steve Hubbard. Clubber is a two-year-old, 150-pound pot-bellied pig named after the character who fought Rocky Balboa in Rocky III, (played by Mr. T.)

“He’s the yoga pig," said Hubbard. "He hangs out most days…Saturday and Sunday mornings…he helps me teach yoga out here." Hubbard said that before he adopted Clubber he was guaranteed the pig wouldn’t ever weigh more than 55 pounds; now he weighs three times that. Is he typically friendly?

“He’s typically friendly,” said Hubbard with just a trace of hesitation. What kinds of things doesn’t he like?  "Well, a lot of people see him and go up and try to grab his face…and pigs have always been prey. He kinda freaks out — he won’t bite you, but he’ll scare the heck out of you.”

Hubbard said Clubber loves the beach, but the lifeguards tell him he must have him on a leash. Pot-bellied pigs are categorized as omnivores, but Hubbard says Clubber is a vegetarian because “that’s all I give him.”

Candice Eley, spokesperson for the San Diego Humane Society and S.P.C.A. said, “Pot-bellied pigs are considered domestic animals rather than livestock," and dental care and diet are important issues for these pigs. “You have to be careful to not overfeed them...people tend to overfeed them.”

For the video version of this interview, click here.

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Hubbard said Clubber loves the beach, but the lifeguards tell him he must have him on a leash.

No pig is cooler than Kingsford;

I am dying of the cuteness of this piglet!! I want one! Him chasing the cat, OMG!! Thank you, thank you for that vid!! My husband just walked in and said "what's going on in hear? I hear fun happening!" The music and my laughing...

I always wondered what the deal was with that pig. Fun to watch, but I would not especially want one.

It's funny how some folks resemble their pets or is it vice versa :-)

Their eyes are quite similar in the photo...

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