SSV=Self-Sufficient Vehicle

During the recent Memorial Day weekend, a Carlsbad resident observed several large RVs constantly parked just north of the Tamarack Beach area in Carlsbad. The same resident appeared before the city council on June 8 to request that the council consider adopting a citywide ordinance prohibiting such vehicles from parking near the beach.

According to the man’s testimony, the RVs come from cities such as Temecula and Escondido. He said RV owners circumvent the overnight-parking restriction by moving their vehicles to a Walmart parking lot at nighttime and immediately return to the beach area in morning.

“They were there at six a.m.: they set up their tents, their canopies, their lounge [chairs], and their barbecues.” The visitors remained until dusk, and the cycle repeated itself through the weekend, reported the resident. By his count, 11 large vehicles were parked that weekend and “about 30” parking spaces were lost for three days.

He expressed concern that locals are getting pushed out of the parking area because visitors in RVs take up all of the spaces. He also asked that the council follow the lead of San Diego and Oceanside, which have both adopted ordinances that limit the parking options of RVs.

“That way these people just have to go elsewhere,” said the resident. “They do nothing for Carlsbad. There’s no money involved with them — they come in and they’re self-sufficient.”

San Diego city code prohibits RV parking on “public street[s], park road[s], or park parking lot[s]...for a period longer than four hours without having been moved more than 1/10 of a mile." In Oceanside, vehicles “over seven (7) feet in height” are prohibited from parking on Pacific Street between Wisconsin Avenue and Surfrider Way.

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I have lived in Carlsbad for 26 years, paying property taxes along with license plate fees for the past 17 years. I have the right to park at the beach for as long as I like according to parking restrictions. I guess you might complain that the vehicles going to the South Carlsbad State Beach are impinging upon your road space. Sorry, I have to compete with anyone else from the world who has paid state vehicle fees to park at the beach. I end up saving more parking spots then taken by people parking off site and walking/biking/skateboarding to the beach site.

As our City Fathers allow Density to plague us more each year in the hopes of additional tax revenue, "We the People" are being pitted against each other for a smaller piece of the recreational pie! Why is the City not building more, not less, camp sites and campgrounds (like under the high tension wires along Hwy 5 and Hwy 805) to cater to all these RV'ers? These folks are visitors and they enjoy (& spend money) eating out and doing all the other things that folks do when they visit San Diego! SD County should also provide dump stations and other amenities to attract these visitors instead of just spending more money on "junkets" for all our convention center staff and local legislators... The new economy is made up of "Mobile" folks and we should welcome them, instead of using them as an excuse to Develop yet more Density while blaming others for "our" problems...

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