The Black Keys' new full-length, their seventh in eight years, is a collection of ballsy blues-rock that punches you gut level. No duo on earth plays louder than Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney. Authoritative drums and rhythm lay the foundation for these emotive sides, which are best heard at full volume.

Auerbach's words paint stories like Zeppelin's epic tales of lust and lopsided love. Words such as those from "Ten Cent Pistol": "There's nothing worse in this world than payback from a jealous girl. The laws of man, they don't apply, when blood gets in a woman's eye." Auerbach rounds this out with some Hendrix-like guitar riffs and classic-rock vox.

"Howling for You" provides a steady beat with fast-paced blues-rock guitar-picking. It's soulful, and the beat finds it's way into your bones. "Next Girl" is the standout track, though. It's raw and hard-hitting with a taste of funk that makes you want to grab your black leather jacket and peel away on your bike screaming the coda, "Oh, my next girl should be nothing like my ex-girl."

  • Album: Brothers (2010)
  • Artist: The Black Keys
  • Label: Nonesuch
  • Songs: (1) Everlasting Light (2) Next Girl (3) Tighten Up (4) Howlin' for You (5) She's Long Gone (6) Black Mud (7) The Only One (8) Too Afraid to Love You (9) Ten Cent Pistol (10) Sinister Kid (11) The Go Getter (12) I'm Not the One (13) Unknown Brother (14) Never Give You Up (15) These Days

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