Heavy Hand

Moss Gropen’s story about the power of our “strong mayor” was frightening since it demonstrated Sanders’s total disrespect for the law (“Influence Paddling,” Cover Story, May 27). The article tells of two employees who were fired because they “refused to erase public records.” But there is more evidence of Sanders’s heavy-handedness against honest employees. Don Bauder’s article (“Too Much Conflict, Too Much Interest,” “City Lights,” March 4) about Economic Development director Scott Kessler being fired for cooperating with the FBI and the police included a link to Kessler’s lawsuit (Kessler is suing the City). Below is an excerpt from the ­suit.

“Thereafter, Plaintiff informed Deputy Chief Anderson of his exchange with Laurie Davis. Deputy Chief Anderson advised Plaintiff that he should not have cooperated with the Ethics Commission without prior approval from Mayor Sanders’ office. Deputy Chief Anderson also informed Plaintiff that he would need to report Plaintiff to Mayor Sanders’ office. Plaintiff informed Deputy Chief Anderson that he had also spoken with the Ethics Commission on previous ­occasions.

“On or about October 16, 2008, Plaintiff received a telephone call from Assistant Deputy Chief Murray. Assistant Deputy Chief Murray told Plaintiff that, ‘all hell had broken loose in the Mayor’s office, and that people were upset with [Plaintiff], including the Mayor himself, and that [Plaintiff] should lay low for awhile.’ Assistant Deputy Chief Murray directed Plaintiff to discontinue any communications with Detective Vile and Agent Cook, and to further turn over all copies of Detective Vile and Agent Cook’s investigative report to Chief Operating Officer Goldstone ­immediately.

“Assistant Deputy Chief Murray informed Plaintiff that his cooperation with Detective Vile and Agent Cook into the investigation of LiMandri, combined with his cooperation with the Ethics Commission, angered Chief of Staff Michell, and Legislative Director ­Dubick.”

Mel Shapiro
via email


In last week’s “Tin Fork,” the information box, which provided facts about Mazara Pizza and Italian Deli, did not pertain to the restaurant reviewed, which was the Neighborhood. The Neighborhood is located at 777 G Street in the East Village, 619-446-0002, neighborhoodsd.com. The restaurant is open daily from noon until midnight; the bar is open till 2:00 a.m.


Elaine Stenz-Hullerbach’s “guest editorial” regarding the debate over the seals at the La Jolla Children’s Pool was completely atrocious (“S.D. on the Q.T.,” May 27). She profusely babbled on her hatred toward children, calling them “gawky, half-formed creatures” and stating “they’re clumsy, and tacky, and they make loud, inappropriate noises at garment fittings.” I am a proud mother of two and would rather listen to “loud, inappropriate noises” than to an ominous literary feminist like her. The world doesn’t need “beings” like Ms. Stenz-Hullerbach. Our beaches and oceans are being polluted enough for us to allow such obscurity in this debate. Travelers from around the globe visit California for our beautiful weather and beaches, not for the odor that is proclaimed by the Children’s Pool. Our mission in this world is to keep it (the world) healthy; it’s our only survival. We are here to love and cherish, to raise children that will make a difference for centuries to come. It is simply a case of motile movement. I can’t withstand on this matter without being omniscient. Just to end with thanking the U.S. Constitution for the First ­Amendment.

Margo Patton
via email

No Cheap Shots

Yet again, somebody decided that taking cheap potshots at the obese and overweight passes as “laff-a-minit”-level humor (“S.D. on the Q.T.,” May 27). It may be funny if you are still in middle school, but it’s not so funny if you are the butt of the ­joke.

As an obese man, I find the very idea of driving off a segment of society from San Diego beaches because of body size and shape highly repugnant. I find it even more repugnant that those being targeted are overweight and obese ­females.

Grow up, Reader — the era of the “No Fat Chicks” window sticker has long since passed. So must the attitudes that went with such a blatantly juvenile mind-set be consigned to the trash Dumpster of time, where it ­belongs.

We cannot all be Barbies and Kens, nor would any sane person want to be — all plastic, with air where their gray matter should be in their craniums! We have just as much right to visit any beach we choose in San Diego County and enjoy the sand, surf, and sun. In the future, think before you print, will ya? Schlock like that, we can do ­without!

Robert K. Johnston
via email

Out Of Shape Out Of Town

This is a comment on the article “Chub Scrub” (“S.D. on the Q.T.,” May 27). It’s interesting and all, but I hate to tell you, the fat, out-of-shape people are the ­tourists.

Erik Moore
La Mesa

Heavyset Blues

I am reading “Chub Scrub” (“S.D. on the Q.T.,” May 27) about “Miss Mission Beach Bikini Rack,” and it’s talking about overweight people, saying “Okay in Oceanside, NOT in La Jolla,” and it brings up all the beaches where heavyset people go. I think that’s discrimination. Not all people can be skinny as a rail. I was at one time in my young life, but I’m no longer young. And you’re bringing down Imperial Beach, you’re bringing down Oceanside and all the other beaches? Well, I’m sorry, people are not that skinny anymore. And if they feel comfortable, that’s their business. That is very discriminatory, and when people read it, especially the heavyset people, that’s going to make them feel bad. You do not have that many people looking like beach bunnies in San Diego. I’ve been here long enough to notice. So you need to bring out your beaches but you also need to be fair to the people who are not skinny. That is ­downgrading.

I will no longer read the Reader. That is discrimination. I’m in my 60s — it doesn’t bother me — but for the young people to see that, not everybody can have an excellent body. You should ­apologize.

Peggy Miller
Imperial Beach

Shame On You

I’m just calling regarding a story that I just read called “Chub Scrub” (“S.D. on the Q.T.,” May 27). You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. That’s ­ridiculous.

Name Withheld
via voice mail

A Page For The Homeless

Congratulations on Don Bauder’s excellent article (“Out of Prison, Living in Luxury,” “City Lights,” May 27), which points out a few things that most news media don’t want anybody to know. Also, stringer Refried Gringo has a point about the Soledad Club enjoying tax-exempt status while functioning as a political organization, an IRS violation if proven (“Members Only,” “Stringers,” May 27). Matt Potter holds our government’s feet to the fire, per usual. “Sheep and Goats” takes a week off but has already covered Christian churches and denominations well, so will it now cover all the other churches and religions? Still not covered is the new grand jury report on the homeless, but I expect you’ll get to that. My website has a home page (NZ9F.com) but also has a homeless page (NZ9F.com/H), which has a link. Thanks, and keep on blogging the ­truth!

John Kitchin
via email

Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You

I’ve seen a bunch of articles (“Under the Radar”) that quote a group calling itself “San Diegans for Accountability at City Hall,” as well as getting bombarded by what I think are illegal recorded messages on my answering machine promoting Prop D for strong ­mayor.

How come I can’t find any information on them other than news reports quoting ­them?

I want to contact them and leave recorded messages every day on their ­machines.

Name Withheld by Request
via email

What A Character

One of the Chinese characters in your May 20 “Brainstorms” puzzle — character number 9 — is not used in China. My wife grew up in China and lived there for most of her life, and she says she’s never seen it. However, the characters are beautifully brushed. The hooks on numbers 18 and 20 — the little jagged edges — are ­perfect.

Name Withheld
via voice mail

Oops, Sorry

Barbarella wrote in her May 6 column (“Diary of a Diva”) about a time in her past when she attended an introduction to the Landmark Forum. She was impressed by what a friend had gotten out of the course and was interested but chose not to register. She expressed dismay regarding the number of follow-up calls she received. Landmark Education regrets that she had this experience and apologizes. We have started a comprehensive program to review and improve all of our business practices and now have strict policies to ensure excellent customer service. We are pleased that in independent surveys, 94 percent of our customers said the Landmark Forum has made a profound and lasting difference in their lives. We are out to have our customer experience meet and even exceed that ­standard.

Randy McNamara
Director of Corporate Communications
Landmark Education

Bilingual Amnesty

I read a letter (May 20) concerning the immigration problem in San Diego and the name was withheld, and I know why. I would like to add to that letter, in that one thing he did not mention was that the Democrat Party a few years ago gave amnesty and citizenship to a couple of a million of illegal aliens, and this is not right. I went to a swearing in to the U.S. citizenship in Mission Valley a few years back, and behold that a good portion of it was in Spanish. Now, are we going to end up having two official languages in the United States, English and Spanish? The Europeans come over and they weren’t given this privilege, so I would like to see the Democratic Party answer to why — now they want to give amnesty and citizenship to two more millions of ­illegals.

Name Withheld
Lemon Grove
via voice mail

Tin Fork Golden

Thanks for keeping “Tin Fork” active. I first came into contact with that column in 1992 (a planned two-week vacation turned into a four-year stay in your beautiful county). In some inexplicable fashion, this Bedford character keeps that magic alive — at a time that such magic is greatly needed and ­valued.

Of course, the Reader as a whole is a wonderful experience still, so ­thanks!!!

Tomas el Juero de la Carolina del Norte
via email

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Well, it's done. Satire and parody are apparently officially dead. They died on this day, June 2nd, 2010, in the "Letters" section of the San Diego Reader as sympathetic onlookers mourned silently, tears flowing on an otherwise beautiful San Diego Wednesday afternoon. R.I.P. In lieu of flowers, please donate liberally to your favorite literature teacher.

And to "Name Withheld" from Lemon Grove, while I can appreciate the sentiment that Spanish speaking folk should certainly learn English, I would be remiss if I didn't point out that most Americans also do not speak the native language. In fact, there are so few that speak Cherokee, Sioux, and Navajo, I'm truly frightened that America is truly loosing her roots.

Satire died with Al Capp and Frank Zappa, Gringo.

Satire died with Al Capp and Frank Zappa, Gringo.

Satire died with the rise of the $5 million public pensions.

To "Name Withheld" in Lemon Grove. Unless both of your parents were 100% Indigenous American, you are a product of immigration. Further, there is no “official language” for this country. There was a movement to declare English as the “official language”, but that went nowhere. By the way, the “official language of America almost ended up as … German. Get a “real” American history book, not one of those abominations Texas is scheduled to get where the only “true” contributors to America were white, English speaking, Christian, males, and you can read all about it. Oh, yes, we mustn’t forget about Dutch either (Manhattan Island, aka New York City).

Oh, yes, another point. There were no controls, on immigration, except medical checks, and therefore no "illegal aliens” until the 1930’s. Even then the controls were put into place to get the Mexicans out of California because they were taking "white men's jobs".

Regarding the Heavy Hand letter. It was interesting that you used the same word I did about Mayor Sanders in another letter - FRIGHTENING.

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