It's Late, It's Loud

"I hear the noise and the music coming through the walls of my house.... The police department [is] not enforcing the city's noise ordinance. Sometimes officers will knock on my door at two in the morning to tell me that they don't think the noise is loud," said Kimber Allison, who lives near the corner of Brotherton Road and Centre City Parkway in south Escondido.

During the past two years, Allison has complained to the Escondido police department about the sounds of live music and drunken revelry emanating from nearby nightspot Sunset Lounge late into the night.

Despite her complaints and those from her neighbors about the noise, the city has done nothing to resolve the issue. Allison and those who live in the New Tradition residential development are accustomed to the city ignoring their concerns about noise in their neighborhood.

During a May 26 city council hearing, Allison and her neighbors lost their fight against a development project, a 5500-square-foot carwash complex called Talk of the Town and an adjoining restaurant, slated for the northwest corner of Centre City Parkway at its intersection with Brotherton Road, just feet from the entrance to her neighborhood. Allison and dozens of neighbors feel the project will bring noise and create a traffic safety hazard for the neighborhood. Up until the May 26 hearing, city councilmembers agreed that the project wasn't compatible with the surrounding neighborhood. That changed when the city council, except for Olga Diaz, changed their minds and approved a newly polished design for the carwash complex.

And as Allison anticipates the sounds of industrial blow dryers blasting into her home, she continues to fight the city over the noise coming from the nearby nightclub.

In the past year, Allison, who is battling her way through radiation cancer treatment, has filed over 50 noise complaints with the Escondido police department, signed numerous citations, called the manager of the business to try and reach a solution, spoke to city council, and still nothing has happened.

"[The city council] has lost sight of what they are supposed to be doing in terms of city government, and the police department doesn't know how to enforce the noise ordinance. It's like a circus over here. Something needs to be done, because calling the police isn't fixing the problem."

Allison is waiting to hear the results from an investigation conducted by the Alcohol Beverage Control to find out whether the business is in compliance with its liquor license.

Calls to the Escondido police department were not returned in time for publication.

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Time to move Allison. You live too close to a commercial corridor. Heck, that used to be the highway. Consider yourself lucky.

Allison you are not alone in thinking that the Police are not doing enough about Bar/Club Late Night Noise!

Here are a few tips that will help you and others like you:

  1. Use the correct ABC form to lodge your noise complaint! http://www.abc.ca.gov/FORMS/ABC099E.pdf

  2. Keep a log of "Disruptive Activity": http://www.abc.ca.gov/FORMS/ABC099L.pdf

  3. Realize that the ABC gives greater interest to folks that live real close to Clubs, Bars and other License Holding Businesses...

  4. Numbers matter, ask your neighbors to sign every form and call in each and every complaint; the squeaky wheel gets the grease!

  5. Suggest that your City adopt a Conditional Use Permit for On-Sale licensees: http://www.pbspirits.com/?cat=47

Please attend this Special meeting to learn more about how a CUP can fund a additional PD/ABC Officer: Alcohol License Issues and Policies in Pacific Beach Monday, June 14, 6:30 to 8:00 pm
PB Middle School Auditorium (4674 Ingraham St.) (Use parking lot on Felspar)

Visit PB's EXCELLENT website for MUCH MORE useful ABC info (Pacific Beach & North Park are taking action): http://www.pbspirits.com/

Allison, you're a victim of the North County's most incompetent (and corrupt) police department. The same one that gunned down a hostage, botched a child's murder investigation, and then utterly failed to investigate an abduction and murder, while failing to connect the dots to John Gardner.

The residents of Escondido should be so utterly embarrassed at the performance of their "finest" that they would welcome abolishing the whole wretched organization. The sheriff, who handles law enforcement for most of the cities in the area, plus all the unincorporated areas, could step in. Not that the sheriff's department is an exemplary operation, but it has an elected head, and gets more scrutiny when it screws up.

The EPD is "right down there" with the SDPD for its incompetence and stupidity. How sad for a city that has been in existence for almost 130 years! As poster #1 said, it's time for you to move. But while you're at it, move to another city. Escondido isn't going to get better; it will get worse.

My guess is that the bar has been in business since before you moved into the neighborhood. In which you lacked due diligence in selecting where to reside.

JM Your comment does not "hold water" when an old neighbor local bar business gets sold and the new owner(s) and or their business plan are such that it is now operated completely different from what was there before!

This has happened in North Park with new owners remodeling and suddenly the Neighborhood has another NEW BIG BOX CLUB and several hundred patron party folks until 2AM that are transforming the nearby neighborhood into their "own" parking lot!

Allowing that to happen is just poor City Planning and our Officials should be ashamed to allow that to happen...

I agree with Rickysays and Jimtrudeau.

If the noise factor is not over 80 db at the spot the complaint is made, then Noise Abatement or whoever deals with Noise issues will simply walk away. That is how it is, at least up in San Francisco where Noise Abatement can actualy enforce a stiff FINE.

80 decibels means 80 decibels, not 79. If the "Noise" is NOT louder then a local BUS driving through a local stop, don't expect any agency to help you. If it is at least 80 db or above, they'll stop it cold. If not? Forget it. - Then either develop thicker skin, move, or buy Earplugs from Smart and Final.

Also the City will be more interested in Landmark Venues that bring the city large amounts of money in Parking Meter Fees, etc.

I live in a HIGH noise neighboorhood, one in which you can just forget about making any noise complaint, to any legal agency at all. So I have invested in three things:

1) An HD TV and a good Sound system 2) Cox Digital Cable which includes TCM and On Demand Movies... 3) EARPLUGS.

I have had no trouble sleeping in the last five years since I invested in these things.

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